Why Is Company Culture Important?

Whether you created it intentionally or not, your company has a culture. That company culture is made up of the shared beliefs and values that drive your team towards your goal. If you’re not intentional about shaping it for your team, culture can easily devolve into something toxic or stale. 

And that’s just not how we want to live our lives. Tytanium’s culture code was created to keep every single one of us excited to show up each day and create something great with our clients.

Check out our culture code below – maybe it will even inspire change for your organization! 

The Awesome Company Culture That Makes Tytanium, Tytanium!

#1: We Are Rabid About Our Mission

Tytanium’s mission is to improve lives with digital marketing. For us, that means helping businesses grow and achieve their goals. The only way to prove to our clients and ourselves that we’re doing that is through metrics. In other words, we’re working to create measurable results for you, and we take that seriously. 

To be any good, marketing has to help your business grow. You’ll receive regular reports and communication with good, solid numbers to demonstrate how your business has grown from your marketing, whatever that looks like to you: form submissions, phone calls, clicks, page likes, etc.

#2: We Obsess Over Our Clients, Not Competitors

You, the client, are the most important thing to us. Full stop. We’re not worried about what others in our field are doing, or your last agency.

The client’s best interests are the heart of every choice we make. Because when our clients are happy, we all win.

#3: We Are Radically Authentic

Real power is gained from sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. This transparency supports smarter behavior and better decision making. You benefit most from your marketing when you have access to the whole process, from analytics data to the backend of your website. We’ll even walk you through how to make site changes and read reports.

(In the era of consumer privacy, there is a caveat here: we won’t share information that’s legally protected and not completely ours to share.)

#4: We Give Ourselves The Autonomy To Be Awesome

Success comes from everyone doing what they do best and owning their area of expertise. To do that, we all have to give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome. What does that look like? 

Setting the cultural expectation that, whatever project or challenge the team is tackling, use good judgment. And then trusting people to do that and solve problems in a way that puts the client first.

A culture where everyone gets to do what they do best and crush it? Now that’s awesome.

#5: We Are Unreasonably Selective About Our Peers

Without a great team, our culture code is just us talking to ourselves. That’s why we’re picky about who we work with. What does it take to be a Tytan? A Tytan should be humble, effective, adaptable, respectful, remarkable, and transparent.

And we’re not afraid to bring a candidate in for a few rounds of interviewing to make sure they’ve got what it takes.

#6: We Invest In Individual Mastery & Market Value

For your marketing to be effective, we need to be at the top of our game. We’re always looking for new learning opportunities to challenge ourselves and, ultimately, create a better product for you.

#7: We Consistently Question The Status Quo

Questioning the status quo means never doing things just because that’s the way it’s always been done. It means never settling for good enough, but always pushing for excellence. Leaving things the way they are leads to a flatline. Pushing for more leads to growth.

#8: We Speak The Truth and Face The Facts

We refuse to be ostriches. 

Sticking your head in the sand to get away from a hairy situation is never, ever going to be effective. So we don’t do it. 

It’s way better to be transparent and own up to whatever is going on than to hope it will go away. 

#9: We Believe In Balancing Work With Life

Work-life balance is a crucial part of how we do our jobs well. Burning the candle at both ends only leads to, well, burn out. Plus, we know that getting out and having an adventure outside of the office fuels creativity! That’s why we’re always mindful of maintaining our work-life balance.

#10: We Are A Perpetual Work In Progress

Personal and professional growth is our jam. You’re not going to be the same person tomorrow as you are today, and that’s a great thing! We’re not going to be the same company next week, and that’s exciting! We’re always growing, always looking for new ways to be better.

#11: We Believe That Failure Is Our Friend

We believe in learning from failure. Challenges are the best way to grow, and when you tackle something huge, sometimes you miss the mark. That’s okay. Learn from it, and do better. Failure is a chance to learn.

#12: Gossip Doesn’t Live Here

Focusing on negativity instead of working to solve a problem never got anything done. All it does is create disunity. We’re a team, and we need to be able to rely on each other. So we don’t gossip.

#13: We Assume Nothing And Verify Everything

When in doubt, it’s always best to double-check something rather than make an assumption. Assumptions take away from clarity, create traffic jams, and miscommunications. Verify your information before starting a project.

Our culture code makes us who we are, and it’s what empowers us to do great work for you, our client. This code guides how every one of us does their job, which makes us, and our clients’ marketing, better! See the difference a great company culture makes. Work with us.