Culture Code #2: Obsess Over Customers, Not Competitors

Tytanium culture code item #2 reads “obsess over customers, not competitors.” You’re at the heart of every decision we make. That means whenever we create a strategy we’re asking ourselves what’s in it for the client. Will it bring happiness? Success? When you win, we win, which is why solving problems from a client-first perspective is so important to us.

Read on to learn why this makes such a huge difference. 

Why We Focus On Client-First Decision Making

Obsess Over Customers… 

When we make a decision, we make a point to ask ourselves “what’s in it for the client? Will it delight them?” Putting your business first is essential to our approach to marketing. Your strategy is built around your goals and your growth, and each decision comes from that mindset.

When you do business with us you can trust that your business will grow, which is good for you! And we like doing business with you. It’s a win-win!

…Not Competitors!

To truly focus on you, our client, you need to be at the heart of each decision. What that means is all our focus is on you and your industry, not what other people in our industry are doing. We find that this makes things easier for our clients for a few different reasons. It means that we’re not doing things the way everyone else is. It means that we’re not focusing on one-upping our competitors or doing whatever is trendy.

That leaves room for your strategy to be entirely about you and what’s best for your company and your growth. 

You deserve to work with a marketing agency that puts you first because that’s the only way to get a truly effective strategy. This is such a deep conviction for us that it’s become central to the way we do business! But “obsess over customers, not competitors” is just one of 13 culture code items that make Tytanium, Tytanium! Learn about the rest here.