Culture Code #3: We Are Radically Authentic

We know that real power is gained from sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Authenticity is the best way to ensure that everyone on our team and the clients we partner with are able to make the best, most impactful choices.

For you, that means you’ll always enjoy access to your analytics data, to the backend of your website, to your social media pages, etc. We’ll even walk you through how to make website changes and read reports if you want! 

Here’s how this authentic culture results in better marketing and a better partnership.

How Building A More Authentic Work Culture Benefits You

So what does an authentic culture look like? We make uncommon amounts of information available to everyone on our team as well as our clients.* This empowers everyone to choose smarter behavior and make smarter decisions. Everybody wins!

*In the era of consumer privacy, there is a caveat here: we won’t share information that’s legally protected and not completely ours to share.

Smarter Behavior

An authentic culture at work helps everyone on the team feel more engaged with and excited about the work we do every day. And we’re not just making this up, there’s science to prove it! This helps everyone be that much happier, that much more creative, and that much more excited to tackle that next ambitious project and really crush it. Which is awesome, because that next ambitious project could be yours! 

Smarter Decisions

When we’re authentic with each other and transparent with the information we have, it lets everybody make better decisions with that information. We’ve all had that moment watching organizations bumble around, making it clear that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, right? It’s no fun. Authenticity means that that doesn’t happen. We’re all on the same page, working with the same data and the fullest picture possible, and that means better results for you.

When we make choices and behave as authentically as possible, everybody wins. We’ve created a culture of authenticity because it helps us stay engaged, creative, and make the best decisions. Authenticity is the first step to really being innovative.

“We’re radically authentic!” is the third of thirteen points in the Tytanium culture code! Want to learn more about the rest? View them all here.