2023 Web Hosting Maintenance

Tytanium Web Hosting And Maintenance

Start fresh in 2023

Let’s Face It.

The ongoing website optimization process is broken.  Once a website is launched it just sits there. For years… 

What you need is consistent monitoring, analysis and updates on a smaller, more frequent schedule.

We have a way to fix it.

How It Works. 

Our process is built on the SCRUM agile process of planning, testing, and making smaller, more data-driven decisions over time.

It just makes sense!

Steps To Success

Develop Your Strategy

It starts with empathy. We’ll dive into your customers journey, and dig deep into their world so that you can be there to solve their problems.

Launch The Plan

With your existing site or one being developed we launch our monthly or quarterly projects and deliverables to correctly solve your customers problems and thus grow your business.

Continuous Improvement

As user data grows and is collected we analyze and make appropriate adjustments and actions to impact and grow your business.

Packages & Plans.

Think about it. Your website is a vehicle.  Your salesperson, your entire operation, your first impression. Shouldn't it run at peak performance? 

It can run clunky and poorly, or you can maintain it and operate a hot rod. 

We think you’ll like the latter…


garage website hosting plan

Like the name implies, just park the site on our hosting platform. You can mess with it and update it all you want.
We’ll keep it nice and safe in the garage.


website hosting and maintenance plans

Time to get the site running just a bit better. 
We’ll make your quarterly improvement plan with you. What you want to add, and improve will be laid out as projects. 
We’ll monitor the site and projects to get it purring a bit better.



Now it’s time to really crank up the fuel. Each month we’ll add new content, look at the user data and adjust the site accordingly. Adding new items and keeping the site fresh and viable all year long.


performance website hosting and maintenance

Just like a hot rod takes time to build and perfect, we do the same with bigger, more development-heavy website needs.

Stop doing things the old way.
Start growing a super performing website using our growth driven methodology!
We are ready….Are you?

Who does # 2 work for!!