Culture Code #4: Autonomy To Be Awesome

Do you know what’s awesome? Walking into a meeting knowing that you’ve created something that’s going to measurably grow a client’s business. To us, awesome is a team of people all doing what they do best to come together and do some really great marketing for our clients.

At Tytanium, we’re all about giving each and every one of our team members the autonomy to be awesome. Learn how we go about creating a company culture that’s focused on empowering employees.

We Give Ourselves The Autonomy To Be Awesome

Great results begin with an awesome process and an awesome team. How does that work? There are three ingredients in this cocktail of awesome: expertise, client-first thinking, and good judgment. Here’s how it shakes out. 

#1: Empowering Expertise

To be able to empower our employees with the autonomy to be awesome, we need to be able to trust that everyone is doing what they do best.

That means working hard to hire great people who know their stuff, encouraging learning and growth for each team member, and giving them room to do what they do best, whether that’s design, write, strategize, advertise, etc.

#2: Encouraging Client-First Thinking

Whenever we’re solving a problem, we put the client first. That goes for little problems, like whether to put chocolate or raisins on the snack tray, and bigger problems, like deciding if adding an extra blog post will help a campaign be more successful.

Each decision we make follows the same hierarchy; client first, team second, and self third. We don’t solve for our own company at the expense of you, our client. After all, when you win, we win. That also means we don’t solve for our own personal interests to the detriment of the team. No one is here to play politics, just to get results.

#3: Trusting The Team To Use Good Judgement

Finally, we trust our team to use good judgment. Good judgment means taking a moment to think about who our choices benefit. We’re always asking ourselves: “Is this win-win? Does it benefit the client?” Good judgment, to us, means doing right by our clients.

We’ve got great people working hard to make some great stuff for you, and giving people the autonomy to be awesome means trusting them to do just that. But this dedication to creating a culture of pure awesome is just one of the thirteen things that make Tytanium, Tytanium! Read about our full culture code here.