Culture Code #6: Invest In Individual Mastery

For your marketing to bring in results, you need your team to be at the top of their game. That’s why we’re dedicated to being masters of our craft. We’re always looking for new ways to cultivate market mastery by challenging ourselves and finding new learning opportunities. 

We want to be as proud of the people we are as of the company we build. Ultimately, that means a better product for you. Here’s how we cultivate a culture of mastery.

We Invest In Individual Mastery

Ongoing Learning

Remember that feeling you’d get as a kid waking up on the first day of school? You’d rush out to greet the day riding a full-tilt, ready-to-learn high. Well, that’s where we strive to live all the time. 

We’re always eager to learn something new, to invest in new opportunities and pick up new skills. Whether it’s reading through a newsletter for new marketing tips to send your way, or tuning into a webinar on a game-changing topic, we’re ready to learn.

Challenging Ourselves

Part of developing market mastery is being willing to tackle a challenge. After all, adversity is the best way to grow. We’re always ready to tackle new projects, big challenges, and pitch creative new ideas. Each time we tackle a new project, we challenge ourselves to do it better than we did last time. 

Opportunity Exposure

The third component to developing market mastery is creating opportunity exposure for yourself. This boils down to being willing to embrace “new.” New ideas, new change, new experiences. 

The only way to truly master our field is to experience every angle of it and expose ourselves to every opportunity possible. New is exciting, not scary.

A deep drive to invest in individual mastery helps make us better marketers and better team members. This commitment to mastery is just one of the thirteen things that make up the core of Tytanium. Learn more about our culture code.