Culture Code #8: Speak The Truth

We believe that honesty is essential to being effective. Sure, we all want to put our best foot forward all the time. But a culture built around truth acknowledges that sometimes putting your best foot forward means presenting some ugly information. That’s okay. That’s crucial, even, to create better teams, better partnerships, and better results. 

We’re all about speaking the truth and facing the facts, and that dedication to honesty in the workplace and in marketing makes us better able to serve you. 

We Speak The Truth & Face The Facts

Honesty In The Workplace Creates A Better Team

Creating the kind of environment where people feel comfortable speaking the truth and facing the facts makes us a better team and makes us all better at our jobs. By encouraging honesty in the workplace, we are better able to confront challenges, celebrate victories, and become a stronger team together.

Speaking the truth means sharing information and data with each other, whether good or bad. It means knowing when to ask for help and advice, sharing your results, and sharing your ideas on what we could do better. This way, we all have a realistic idea of where we stand and how we could improve.

Honesty In Marketing Creates Better Results

This dedication to speaking the truth is good for you as our client, too. You’ll always have an authentic idea of where you stand, because that’s the only way we can create an effective strategy to get you where you need to go.

Honesty in marketing creates better trust between us and you, making for better partnerships and better results.

Creating a culture built around truth makes us all more effective. Plus, honesty just plain feels better. That’s why we’re all about speaking the truth and facing the facts. But that’s just #8 of the 13 culture code items that make Tytanium tick. View the full list here.