Heard Around The Keurig

ELF - The dream client, our marketing soulmates. Stands for "Easy, Lucrative, Fun." 

ORC - The folks who aren't quite the right fit. Stands for "Overdemanding, Reactionary, Chaotic."  

LEEROY JENKINS - Ya know that moment when your emails have gone unanswered and the deadline is looming and you just have to get 'er done? That's what we like to call Leeroy Jenkins-ing something. Inspired by this guy

THE HELMET - Every Friday someone gets the helmet for going above and beyond, kicking butt, and generally being awesome. Each Friday we all vote on who should get the helmet that week.

DELIVERABLE - A deliverable is what you get to read once we're done working our magic. A deliverable could be a set of social media posts, a blog, or anything else that is delivered to you. 

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RETAINER - Our clients that have monthly retainer packages get a set number of blocks every month that can be used to create social media collateral, blogs, manage ads, and other recurring marketing services. 

BLOCKS - Charging by the hour blows. It's stressful for team members, and expensive for you. So we charge by the block instead. Each deliverable takes a certain number of blocks to create. For example - two blocks for a blog. 

TRAPS - We check all the platforms we manage for every single retainer client every day. We call it "checking traps" because we've set out "bait" in the form of social posts, and then we're going back to see if there are any new leads in our "trap". 

SQUISHY - Squishies are the feel-good results we send you on a regular basis. The new leads, the exciting Facebook comments, the five-star reviews.

JAM - All of our IMCs meet once a day to talk strategy, plan projects, and make sure we're all at the top of our game. We call this our morning Jam. 

Web Team Chatter

PERSONA - A persona is a fictional character we create to represent your ideal buyer. This helps us make sure we're targetting exactly the right audience, which is why we create them at the start of every website.

SITEMAP - A sitemap is a mind map giving you an overview of your site's content and structure. This lets us make sure all of the necessary content is on your new site, and that the structure makes sense. 

WIREFRAME - Think of your wireframe like the frame of a house. There aren't any pictures yet, the design hasn't been applied, the content is all placeholder. The wireframe exists to give us an idea of the general structure of the site before all the details are added. 

SEO - SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This encompasses several different strategies we'll use to help your site rank better in search results and reach new users. 

PROTOTYPE - We use a program called Invision to share a prototype of your website with you. It's not a real site, just a depiction of the site made with a bunch of pictures strung together. While it doesn't have the functionality of a website, it does let you see exactly what your site will look like. 

DEV SITE/DEV LINK - When your site is fully built you'll receive a link to the "dev site." Dev stands for development. This version of your site isn't live on the internet yet, but it is fully built so you can see all the functionality and animations and give it one last once-over before launch. 

PIPE - The web team meets every morning for "Pipe" to go over the pipeline of our current projects, swap tips, solve problems, to make sure your project is always moving to get done by the deadline.