Culture Code #5: Unreasonably Selective About Our Peers

The people on our team matter more than the perks we get. Without the right team around us, we’re stuck with colleagues who drag us down instead of lifting us up, and that really stinks. That’s why we’re extra careful about hiring the right people. 

We look for Tytans (Tytanium team members) who are humble, effective, adaptable, respectful, remarkable, and transparent. If you come in for an interview, know that we’re looking for more than just someone with an ability to sling jargon around. And if you’re coming in to meet with us on your marketing, know that we’ve made sure everyone at the table is really, really enthusiastic to be there.

So how do we seek out the right Tytans for the job? Glad you asked!

We Are Unreasonably Selective About Our Peers


To us, humble means you’re self-aware and respectful. When things go right, humble folks tend to share the credit with their team. When they go poorly, they’re also willing to share responsibility. 


Being effective means knowing how to get stuff done. A Tytan is ready to take action and always has a sense of ownership over their work. Being effective means being resourceful and willing to look for solutions. 


Digital marketing changes quickly, and our team needs to be able to adapt quickly to meet client needs. A Tytan is curious and willing to change fast. They should be enthusiastic lifelong learners, always eager to pick up new skills and assignments.


To be part of the team, you should be a dedicated follower of the golden rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Speak to your team or clients as you would want them to speak to you.


Our Tytans are remarkable. Remarkably smart, remarkably creative, remarkably positive, remarkably disciplined, and remarkably kind. Being remarkable is important – we’re not here to do things by halves.


Finally, we expect all of our Tytans to be authentic and transparent. Our team members should be open and honest with themselves and others. Share your knowledge, data, and opinions with the team. That transparency helps everyone get better at what they do. (No, you’re not required to overshare. Keep it in Vegas.)

Being unreasonably selective about our peers helps us ensure we’re hiring the right people so that we have stars in every position. We don’t just hire to delegate, we hire to elevate. We’re unreasonably selective about our peers, but that’s just part of what makes us who we are! Read about our full culture code here.