Why A Digital Marketing Agency Would Abandon Twitter

Here’s a super simple trick to make sure your marketing is always effective: don’t do what doesn’t work. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to kill our Twitter marketing.

Why would a marketing agency get rid of Twitter? While we’ve seen Twitter work for many of our clients, it wasn’t working for us. So we stopped. That’s just smart business, right? 

That’s how we treat your strategy too. Your block package is flexible, which means if something isn’t working as well as it could, it’s easy to pivot and ensure you’re staying effective and hitting your goals. After all, part of treating you like royalty means ensuring that you’re always getting the very best we have to offer. 

Learn how we decided to abandon Twitter, and if this means that you should too.

Why We Killed Our Twitter Marketing

#1: We Were Talking To Ourselves

This chart gives you a high level look at the topics our Twitter audience is into. It includes social media, website design, content marketing, etc. What does that mean? To us, that means that we’re mostly talking to other companies and influencers that do what we do, not clients in other industries.

That worked two years ago when part of our marketing strategy was thought leadership in our own industry. But today, when our main goal is to take care of and engage with our clients? That doesn’t work. We’re way more obsessed with you, our client, than with other marketing agencies.

#2: We Weren’t Seeing Audience Growth… 

From July 2019 to December 2019, when we pulled the plug, our audience was pretty much flatlined at about 2300 followers. Those numbers looked the same the quarter before that, and before that… And for marketers flatlines are no fun. We’re all about growth.

#3: …Or, Audience Engagement!

The grey line on the graph below indicates the tweets we sent out. The black and blue signs are engagement. As you can see, for the most part, we were posting with no response. Yuck.

#4: It Wasn’t Bringing In Traffic

Ultimately, what we’re after is traffic to our website and form submissions. You can see here that Twitter far trails Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Yelp. Now, we could dump time into making Twitter work for us… or we could meet our audience where they live and focus on platforms that are performing, like Facebook and LinkedIn, and make them even better! 

Should You Leave Twitter Too?

Your marketing is completely unique to your business. Some industries thrive on Twitter, and some don’t. You deserve a marketing agency that will tailor your strategy to you to ensure that you’re seeing the best results possible. Here’s how to look at your reports to decide if your strategy needs to be adjusted.

#1: Look At Your Goals

First, what are your goals for your marketing? Are you looking for website traffic, for engagement, for form submissions? Are you getting those from Twitter, or your other marketing channels?

If you’re looking to engage with other people in your business, for example if you’re looking to generate job applications, Twitter can be great. It can also work well if you’re raising money for a charitable cause or working with influencers who are big on Twitter.

But if you’re not meeting your goals it’s time to reevaluate.

#2: Look At Your Numbers

Bottom line: Is Twitter performing for you? If you’re seeing better traffic and better conversions from other platforms then it’s time for a change. Don’t obsess over what doesn’t work – adapt.

If you’re thinking it’s time to shift your strategy, we want to talk. You need a marketing plan based on data and a real knowledge of what works. We promise we’ll always come to you with suggestions, changes, and ideas on the best way to evolve, because we know that’s the best way to help you see success. 

Ready to talk strategy? Get in touch.