Sales Success With RN Guardian

About The Client


RN Guardian is a membership-based legal plan that allows nurses to proactively protect their RN and LVN licenses from discipline and revocation by the Board of Registered Nursing. Tytanium does their Google Adwords ads, and recently transitioned them to Google’s new extended text ads. We’ve also done extensive work with them to improve their website’s SEO. We’ve been able to deliver excellent results on both fronts.


After converting to Google’s new extended text ads RN Guardian saw a drastic click-through rate improvement. Currently, all of their leads are coming from Google Ads or organic search.

What are Extended Text Ads?

These ads allow for two headlines, more characters to work with, and extra keywords in the URL. This means we’re able to get more information to the people we’re trying to reach.

In mid-December the click-through rate for RN Guardian’s Google ads was1.01%. (That’s the percentage of people who click on the ad to learn more after seeing it in a google search.) In January, that number was 1.33%.

In February their click-through rate reached 1.64%.

That’s a huge, exciting jump. For comparison, the average for their industry is 1.35%.


RN Guardian’s sales goal for the year was 15 cases per month. We met that goal by February, thanks in large part to the leads their Google ads are generating. This is direct evidence of the tangible positive impact that a great ad strategy can have on your bottom line.

That said, it’s important to remember that change isn’t instant. This was the fruit of 6 months of work. We started the process of updating RN Guardian’s SEO and google ad strategies in July, and started seeing improvement in December. With persistence, the payoff was pretty freaking rad.



“When Tytanium says they are growth-driven, they mean it. More importantly, they do not cram a cookie-cutter strategy down your throat. Tyler and his team listened very carefully to the type of clients I need to attract and helped me build a comprehensive plan to recruit, engage and finally retain them. My company is based almost exclusively on inbound marketing and over the course of the 2 years I have had the pleasure of working with them, I have seen my client base steadily increase.

Finally, they are willing to work within a budget and the value I have received from Tytanium is unprecedented in the marketing world.
They are a delight to work with and I just could not possibly recommend Theresa, Tyler, Dani, and the rest of the Tytanium team any more enthusiastically!” - Jennifer of RN Guardian