Customer Service Is What Really Makes A Good Marketing Agency

Not to sound corny, but you’re why we come to work every day. Seriously, all the expertise and enthusiasm in the world mean nothing without great clients. So in 2020, we’re making that the focus of our entire year. 2020 is all about treating you, the client, like royalty.

Okay, so you’re thinking that’s just a line. Somewhere up there with “come here often?” So, to prove it to you, we’ve pulled together a list of 5 ways being treated like royalty will make a difference in your marketing.

Here’s The Difference Being Treated Like Royalty Makes

#1: You’re Our Partner

Being treated like royalty means you’re not a customer, you’re a client and a partner. You will be directly involved in the creation of your marketing and website strategy. We’ll be in communication with you regularly, and your goals and ideas will be the centerpiece of our plan each month.

#2: You’ll Learn That Expertise Is Different For Everyone

Treating you like royalty means acknowledging that your business is unique and ensuring your strategy is built on that awareness. While one business may generate its best leads from Google Ads traffic, another may benefit most from Facebook or Instagram engagement. Real expertise means trying new things and adapting based on what we learn about your business. 

#3: You’ll Get More Than You Bargained For

Being treated like royalty means being catered to. It’s more than the bare minimum. This means you can expect to get more than just what you pay for. If we spot a great marketing opportunity for your business, we’ll bring it up. If we see a way to go above and beyond to make your next campaign that much better, you better believe we’ll make it happen.

#4: You’ll Get The Disney Experience

Ever been to Disneyland? When you visit you’re not a customer, you’re a guest. Every little girl is a princess, and just about any cast member you talk to can tell you exactly the information you need, or how to get it. Disney wrote the book on treating people like royalty – pay attention to details, exceed expectations, and people will have a great time. For us, this is stuff like having your favorite snacks on the snack board and remembering your birthday. 

#5: You’ll Be Celebrated

When you win, we win. Happy customers are why we’re in business. Being treated like royalty means working with a team that’s not there to just hand in deliverables, they’re there to make sure your business grows. We’re working hard so that we can help celebrate your success.

The bottom line of our theory on treating clients like royalty is this: A good marketing agency knows that this process is all about YOU. If you’re ready to rake in ROI that’ll have you feeling like the Queen of England, let’s talk.