What’s it Like to be a Tytanium Ideas Marketing Intern?

What’s it like to be a Tytanium Ideas Marketing Intern? We’ve heard this question a lot from prospective interns and thought the best thing to do, would be to ask our summer intern to write candidly about her experience on the final day of her internship. Below are the (unfiltered) opinions of Natalie Hatch, Summer 2016 Marketing Intern. We hope this helps lend perspective to future intern applicants.

Tytanium Ideas. My initial reaction to seeing this on a sign was that “titanium” was misspelled, and the perfectionist inside me was cringing. But after meeting the CEO, Tyler (TYler), I quickly realized that I had been totally oblivious to a masterfully professional pun, and at that moment my excitement and respect for this company immediately skyrocketed. After this one (delayed) epiphany, I was able to sense the creativity, innovation, and spirit that Tytanium held, and right away I knew it was something I wanted to experience. Not surprisingly, the environment in the office only reinforced these qualities; a shared-space concept and really cool chalk drawings of Star Wars characters on the walls hinted that this wasn’t a typical company. My hypothesis would prove to be spot on – Tytanium is so much better than “typical.”

The first day, honestly, I don’t remember it. Usually, you never forget those big firsts in your life, because yes they’re milestones, but also because firsts tend to be grand, and amazing, and stand out above the times to follow. Maybe I remember some things about my first day, but I can’t pin anything specific to it because all of my days at Tytanium stood out to me. Of course, there are some moments that are more prominent in my mind than others, but each memory I have of this company and this summer is a fond one. And I say that without an ounce of hesitation or mediocrity in my mind. Tytanium is such a special place, and every second here was more than worth it.

As for the different things I was privileged enough to work on at Tytanium, it’s quite a long list. The biggest difference between a Tytanium internship and an average unpaid internship is that Tytanium trusts their interns with work a little more daunting than coffee making and filing. Throughout my internship, I was able to work on content for almost all of our clients, in all different mediums.

From creating graphics, writing content, and reporting social media stats, to scheduling content, doing blog research, and designing presentations, I was able to learn and work on most of the day-to-day tasks for an Inbound Marketing Consultant. These practical, hands-on projects provided me with real-life experiences that I know I won’t likely have the opportunity to find in college classes, but would have to figure out on my own afterward. The chance to be introduced to them at my age (seventeen) was invaluable, and essentially let me experience what a future career would be like in the field.

Perhaps the icing on the cake of this program was the Inbound Marketing Certification. Part of the intern curriculum at Tytanium is completing Hubspot’s online course to become Inbound Marketing Certified. This was a monumental opportunity to receive a certification that carries serious value in the marketing industry, as inbound is the latest and greatest approach to marketing that is taking the place of traditional practices. After completing the lessons and passing the test, the certificate is an accomplishment that will follow me long after my days at Tytanium. Almost overwhelmingly, Tytanium’s internship has prepared me beyond my greatest expectations for a career in marketing and for a successful life.

Despite all of the amazing work I was lucky enough to do over the summer, my favorite part about Tytanium was actually to be the people! The team truly made my experience, whether they knew it or not. Dani, Tyler, Jess, Bri, Theresa, Tanner, Jen, and Jon are all such kind people and phenomenal mentors, and are connections I hope to keep for a long time. Each of them have shared with me not only different skills, but life lessons, and so many laughs. This group of people is the best around, and just as they welcomed me with open arms, they sent me off with so many well wishes. A piece of advice to future and prospective interns at Tytanium: be authentic, be hardworking, and befriend these outstanding people, because they will support you and encourage you like crazy, and so many fun memories are to be made with them, both in the office and at lunch.

Tytanium, in my humble opinion, is on a different level when it comes to modern companies. Though the atmosphere, business, and staff attribute to what makes them great, I truly believe it’s their approach that sets them apart. Tyler is a real, fearless, unapologetic leader, who completely redefines the title of “CEO.” I have to largely accredit Tytanium’s uniqueness to the genuine compassion that radiates to and from everyone in the company. Between leadership and teambuilding sessions at weekly meetings, and the many strong friendships, Tytanium has a close-knit dynamic unlike anything I’ve seen or heard of, and the office truly is a family. Thanks to this summer, the bar has been set so high, and now I can’t imagine working anywhere less spectacular.

In a nutshell, Tytanium is among the best of the best, in every category. I wouldn’t trade my time here for the world  —not even for more time to do summer things— and I will miss it immensely. There is so much gratitude and appreciation in my heart for each person that has impacted me, and I hope that I was able to return even a fraction of the favor that they did for me. A Tytanium internship is a rare gem and a true blessing, and anyone that is ever able to work with them is luckier than they know.

Natalie Hatch

Tytanium Ideas Marketing Intern, Summer 2016

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