Applying Growth-Driven Design to a Website Project

About The Client


Easy Lift Door Company has over 30 years of experience installing, repairing and creating custom garage doors for homes across Northern California. While the company has a devoted customer base and many connections with the leading housing developers, their website wasn't doing much to communicate their brand or grow their business. The site had great content, but it was often buried in subpages, leading to a user experience that wasn't quite targeted to their customers' (or prospective customers') needs.


After taking the site through a full-scale content audit for SEO, we reorganized the site architechture for a user experience that flowed. The more we spoke with Easy Lift Door Company, the more we realized what a fun, caring but also hilarious personality they had! We knew that their website needed to be more than functional: it had to communicate the heart of their company culture.


After a design-thinking inspired brainstorming session, we landed on our home page concept. Easy Lift wasn't just a phenomenal garage door company, they're a team of experts who care deeply about helping their customers keep their families and their belongings safe. We also realized that they sharpened their sense of humor on the fact that people sometimes store odd things in their garages, and so the catch phrase "we've seen it all, and we know exactly how to help" was born.

Creating a "Web Hub" for Data

Aside from the branding, we created a fantastic, flexible  and mobile-responsive site using the Hubspot platform. Not only does this make web design edits a breeze, it also enables Easy Lift to connect all of their marketing, sales and referral data for a closed-loop marketing  and analytics system that enables them to track user behavior and use their marketing budget wisely.

Growth-Driven Design Process

What makes this website project unique is that we have built it according to the revolutionary growth-driven design (GDD) process. GDD is so rare that our lead designer is only one of 208 individuals in the world to have the certification. The process allows us to measure and improve their website over time given the results of the data and the priorities of their company goals. So even after the website was launched, we prepared to continuously measure, analyze, report and improve upon the website design to deliver continued growth for Easy Lift.

Results So Far

Our current goals are centered around increasing leads for Easy Lift Door Company through website form submissions. Though we are only entering our first GDD retainer month, we've seen 50% higher results in form submissions than Easy Lift receives in phone calls on average. We'll share more data to this report as time progresses.


With the ultimate goal of doubling the average leads (which previously were only obtained by phone calls) we're pleased to see the website form submissions get so much use in the flagship month. Not all form submissions were leads, some were testimonials from happy customers raving about the quality of the service they received. Because we also handle Easy Lift's social media marketing, we quickly turn those into posts to share across the web and bring in more traffic. Being able to leverage these platforms together is going to open a big beautiful door for Easy Lift... we can't wait to share more website results!


hand pressing remote control to open automatic garage door

"Tytanium is an investment that is worth every penny! Their team makes you feel valued and respected. Our company has only been given the best treatment and service that is unmatched by any of their competition. I would highly recommend Tytanium to ANY business ANYTIME!" - Easy Lift Door Company