Why Proper Balance is better than Work Life Balance

Proper Balance is Important.

So everyone please raise your hand if you ever worked with someone who burnt the candle at both ends,  is completely stressed out, snaps at everyone if the coffee isn’t done to thier liking, and is just plain sh*tty to be around?

OK, thank you. You can put your hands down now!

That’s not how we roll over here. We believe that having proper balance is vitally important to the success of the team, as well as the individual. Without proper balance, we lose the ability to perform at our optimal level for clients.  

“Work-Life Balance” is Bullsh*t.

Let’s face it: in a full time job in America, you’re looking at a 40 hour work week. Trying to make the most of your life in your “off time” (when you’re not sleeping,  prepping for your next day at the office, taking care of the family, doing the grocery shopping, cleaning, and #adulting) isn’t always going to leave much, or any time to recharge your creative battery… unless you *really* love grocery shopping.

That’s why we don’t believe in work-life balance, we believe in a balanced worklife.

There’s a difference.

Not only do we have programs like fuel, and really push people to take their paid time off benefits so that they can rest of their brain to ensure top performance, we believe in building a team and a culture that nurtures balance within the work environment. We’re not worker drones, we’re collaborators and everyone is here because they want to be. 

If you need to listen to podcasts or build playlists or look at puppies during the workday to be more productive: do it. If you need to take a walk with a co-worker, grab your third cup of coffee or visit the beer fridge: do it. We even have flex days, where team members can take one day out of the week to work from home, from a coffee shop or in a place that inspires them.

We all need proper balance in our daily lives, and it doesn’t have to start after the workday ends. When you think about your past year, what stands out to you? What are the highlights and memories? How many of those were made at work?

Let’s be real here.

We’re in marketing, so we all know that the work will always be there. There will always be something we have to do and something new we have to learn. But relationships, experiences within life and health is something that we need to pay attention to and make space for.

That’s why building habits that incorporate a balanced worklife or “proper balance” is one of our core values. 

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