Setting a New Benchmark for Home Builders

About the Client:

Through a partnership with Pacific MarCom, we represent Benchmark Communities, LLC. a national homebuilder with several dozen home communities for sale around the country at any given time. Benchmark was interested in getting involved in social media, and over our 2+ year partnership, we’ve been able to deliver fantastic results!

Recent Results:

While we could write a book about all of the different campaigns and strategies we’ve implemented for the many Benchmark Communities, we wanted to focus on something that we think will revolutionize the home builder industry. Oddly enough… it’s Facebook Ads! When paired with an exceptional social media content and outreach strategy, we’ve been able to run Facebook lead generation ads to serve up lists of interested potential home buyers for sales agents to close.

The cost per lead will make your jaw drop. One of our communities generated a mere $3.41 per lead this past February 2016, a time when attracting home buyers should be extremely difficult. While most of our community lead generation efforts average around $5 per lead in the off season, we are excited to see what happens when home buying season begins in earnest over the next few months.


UPDATE! Now that homebuying season is kicking off our results are becoming ridiculous!  

Here are the results for April 2016:


$0.80 per lead! Understand that these leads are highly-targeted and qualifying home buyers who are ready to buy.

Why this is Awesome:

To start with, many of our leads have resulted in sales, generating fantastic commissions for sales agents at a comparatively low cost per acquisition. When you sell a $400,000 luxury home to a lead that only cost $0.80 to acquire… the return on investment is insane!

If you’re a home builder or a sales agent for home builders, we’re ready to work with you.

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