Cookin’ up Success for Randy Peters Catering and Events


About the Client:

Randy Peters Catering has been a household name to local residents for years. However, as the region has seen rapid population increase, they wanted help leveraging digital marketing to reach new audiences and promote their expanding service offerings to all.

Results so far:

RPC has been such a delightful (and delicious client) to work with! To help shore up business opportunities they were missing out on, we redesigned their website for the mobile web and made it easier for new users to navigate.

We put the new site through deep analysis and identified the hot spots where new visitors were focusing their attention… then we made sure we put appropriate calls to action in those places! Using our inbound marketing strategies and tactics, we promoted the new site to relevant target audiences and increased inquiries and leads by over 50%.

Why this is Awesome:

Randy Peters Catering has informed us that not only have our efforts resulted in consistent increases in call volume and lead generation, the quality of those leads has improved, resulting in a higher lead-to-customer conversion ratio.

Something smells good, doesn’t it? Contact us to help you improve your bottom line.