Jen’s FUEL: For the Good of All of Me

Tytanium FUEL offers each team member a day to do anything they want, as long as it refuels them. After celebrating her 3rd anniversary at Tytanium, Jen decided to celebrate her FUEL with her family, here is her story!

In the wee hours of the morning, with the moon illuminating my journey, I headed out to Redwood Valley. My van was full of sleeping kiddos and necessities for a weekend retreat with the monks at Holy Transfiguration Monastery. The opportunity to take part in this retreat happened to fall in line with the qualifications for my FUEL benefit for my 3rd anniversary at Tytanium Ideas

Being a morning person meant that beginning my drive before 4am was actually the first step in fueling my spirit. The quiet, 3-hour drive gave me plenty of time to get my thoughts in order before arriving for morning prayer with the monks and the others who were participating in the retreat. 

Mount Tabor is truly a peaceful place to refuel and realign your being. Surrounded by many acres atop the mountain, the Eastern Catholic monks share the mountain with their Buddhist brethren from Abhayagiri Monastery. I like to call this “The Mountain of Monks.” How can you be anything but peaceful and joyful in this setting?!

The small church is beautifully filled with icons. The monks pray several times each day and those on retreat were invited to take part in some of the prayer services, with Liturgy celebrated each day. The rest of the days were filled with opportunities to hike, explore, spend time in reflection or attend scheduled talks. The children who attended found several chances to play soccer and explore. 

I was asked why I would make the effort to include my kiddos when this was an opportunity for some “me” time. The answer is simple; finding peace within myself is great, but imagine if I can also give my children the chance to find peace! And even though my 10-yr old wasn’t thrilled with taking a picture, I can’t deny that we journeyed home a more peaceful and refocused bunch.

I’m grateful to Tytanium Ideas Inc. for seeing the need for team members to take a little time each year to find what will refuel each of our beings and for providing the opportunity for that to happen!