Help Us Welcome Dani Loebs to Our Team

Director of Strategy, Dani Loebs

We’re excited to announce that Dani has officially joined our team as the Director of Strategy. She’s passionate about building community and will be working on strategy, both on the client side as well as within our organization.

She has spent much of her life in and around this area and grew up with a sense of responsibility to make a real difference in the world. She’s a self-starter whose accomplishments include…

  • Running a Shakespeare Festival right here in Rocklin for 5 years, doing everything from sewing costumes to directing shows.
  • Performing improv locally with Blacktop Comedy (look closely at that picture on their homepage)!
  • Teaching a class in sketch comedy writing at UC Berkeley.
  • Co-founding Hacker Lab’s Startup incubator program: Startup Hustle!
  • Winning for digital marketing clients over and over again!

The craziest thing she’s ever done? She once dressed up an avocado like a dominatrix for a food client’s promotion of “Fifty Shades of Guac.” They ended up not publishing the film, which she believes was probably best for the world. She’ll never look at an avocado the same way again.

Her portfolio includes local, national and international clients and she leaves a trail of successful, well-oiled, happy companies wherever she goes. We’re thinking of her as our very own pied piper of strategy!

Help us welcome her as our newest member of Team Tytanium!