Introducing Tytanium Academy

As a digital marketing agency, Tytanium Ideas has three main areas of focus. The first two are Inbound Marketing and Growth-Driven Design, but the third is a little less obvious: thought leadership!

With a genuine mission to educate our community on the best practices in digital marketing, we nabbed as many opportunities to speak and teach as possible over the last few years… but honestly, we felt like we weren’t living up to the potential of what we could contribute as digital marketing experts! That’s why we decided to launch Tytanium Academy, a fun, six-week workshop held at our office on Thursday nights to empower our business community with the tools they need to succeed.

Our first class kicked off tonight and was a resounding success! Our Digital Ad Marketing expert, Theresa Christian, is leading the charge with a series of classes devoted to using Facebook for Business and taking advantage of all the opportunities available in the Facebook and Instagram ad platforms. And in typical Tytanium Ideas fashion, we like to greet our guests with an awesome spread…

The course dives deep into our Inbound Marketing methodology, which teaches business leaders to design their strategies around their target customers. In fact, we’ve devoted an entire class to developing buyer personas, a rich marketing asset that is essential to designing the ideal customer experience to help professionals in any industry to grow their business.

While the first 15-30 minutes is devoted to lecture, the remaining 90 minutes are a hands-on lab where our team of experts will sit you in front of a computer and help you implement what you just learned in order to drive real results for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about the course and future “semesters” that we’re designing, please sign up for our interest list. The beauty of what we’re doing is that we can tailor our classes to suit your specific business needs.