Going Viral with Camp California

About The Client

Close up field of bright orange poppy wildflowers low angle in California desert.

Camp California is the comprehensive resource for Campers & RV Campers in California, including must-see campgrounds, local event calendars, travel tips, and special offers! They’re the consumer-facing side of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds… and we love them! They’ve been in the Tytanium Ideas, Inc. family for five outstanding years.


In March 2016 we went viral in a big way for the Camp California Facebook page. The cover photo of the Antelope Poppy Preserve exploded with over 3,500 Facebook Reactions and 2,553 Shares, earning an Organic reach of 30,000. We didn’t spend a cent on advertising, this photo took off all on its own!

This also led to a huge jump in Page Likes, with the page increasing in audience size by nearly 20% in March.

Simultaneously, we were also running lead gen ads on Facebook to help Camp California expand its email list. Thanks to the virality of the page, interest increased tremendously and drove down the cost of lead acquisition to a mere $0.37 per lead.


While it’s been widely reported that engagement on Facebook has declined in recent years when a post can gain viral traction organically it creates a ripple effect of benefits. Now that more people have engaged with content on the Camp California Facebook Page, Facebook’s algorithm will score posts from that page as more relevant to users and will be more likely to show it on their Newsfeeds.

As we also showed, an increase in organic engagement reduces the cost per interaction of paid engagement, saving our client big bucks on the cost per lead!