This Small Business Website Is An Industrial Revolution

About The Client


Wildwood Metalworks creates some of the coolest handcrafted furniture you’ll ever see, from enormous steampunk desk lamps that look like they should be looming over a 1900s factory floor, to stylish swing-out bar stools that make you want to sit and share a craft beer with a friend. They will also work with you to create a custom piece designed to be a showstopping focal point for any room. 

We worked with them to build a custom small business website that would highlight their unique work and skill as artisans, and continue to host and maintain the site. The two primary goals for this site were to position themselves as a lifestyle brand and drive traffic to their Etsy store


The Wildwood site before working with Tytanium Ideas. 
The Wildwood site before working with Tytanium Ideas. 
Wildwood’s final site, with attention-grabbing language and product images that showcase their work.
Wildwood’s final site, with attention-grabbing language and product images that showcase their work.

The site’s design and copy were intended to keep the edgy, industrial feel the Wildwood brand already conveyed, but to frame it in a way that invites people to learn more about the product and imagine how it will fit in their lives.

The site’s modern look with eye-catching images of the furniture puts the focus on the product and clearly invites people to imagine these pieces as part of their own spaces. This was achieved through a professional, multi-location photoshoot capturing images of the furniture in artistic local spaces.

Accompanying this design is an SEO and copy strategy that targets shoppers looking for items akin to this unique style. Because of this, roughly half of the site’s traffic comes from Google organic search. It draws search traffic for competitive, well-trafficked, product-related keywords like “steampunk desk” and “swing out bar stools.”

Furthermore, data shows that the furniture page is one of the best-trafficked pages on their site, with organic search being a major traffic driver here as well.

The site’s strategy didn’t neglect their custom furniture services, either. A custom form makes this process feel organic and conversational, making it easier to convert and order a piece.


The copy and design of the new site let Wildwood’s pieces speak for themselves, emphasizing their creativity and craftsmanship. By focusing on the artisan nature of these pieces, the website invites users to think of the furniture they’re purchasing as an investment, a centerpiece designed to convey their lifestyle. This drives traffic to Etsy or the Custom Furniture page, ultimately helping to make sales.

A professional, custom site design goes a long way towards helping a small business website feel like it belongs to a much bigger company, ultimately creating a site that can grow the business and grow WITH the business.


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“The Tytanium Ideas team went far above my expectations for building my website. I originally tried to create my own website and it had always been a struggle until I got on board with Tytanium. They took the time to figure out what I had built before, who my company was, what we wanted to portray to our clients, my demographics of viewers and potential buyers, and so much more. Every step of the way they helped to explain web jargon to me, show me different options, new and exciting tech plugins, all while keeping on schedule. I used to be embarrassed about my website before Tytanium, but now I'm ecstatic to be sharing it!

The two most important characteristics of Tytanium Ideas, in my opinion, is their jovial family style of welcoming you to their team while treating you like they care about you and your needs, and also that they cared deeply about providing real value to me and my company. It is rare to find a company in any industry that talks, performs, and delivers with the caliber of care and passion that Tytanium does.”

Jacob, CEO of Wildwood Customs