Who made the biggest impact—Brené Brown or Seth Godin?

Thoughts from Inbound15

Since I am one that does not like to stand on ceremony, I will tell you right at the get: For me, it was Brené Brown.

I’ll tell you why in a bit.

First, I think that I need to elaborate on the event that was Inbound15. For those reading this that might want to know, it is HubSpot’s premier event in Boston for those that have bought into the movement that is inbound marketing, or those that are seeking to know more. It is almost a week long, and with the amount of information that you get, one feels every bit of that week.

It has grown every year since its inception and this year was no exception. 14,000 marketers in one place!

This was my first time attending and I went in with open expectations and the ones that I had were greatly exceeded. Well done Dharmesh and Brian. Great vision.

Most Impactful Keynote

I have to admit, I did not know Brené Brown or what she was about. I didn’t know about the TED talk, the books she’s written, her thoughts on vulnerability, shame or any squishy stuff like that.  

Maybe that is why she hit me so hard. I was expecting some rah-rah talk about being inspired to be a better marketer or something like that. Turns out that was Seth, but I saw that coming. 

We’re going through some changes and growth initiative at our firm and maybe that was why.

Her concept of telling ourselves ‘stories’ and how to clean those up was seriously helpful.

Within a company and all the dynamics that brings, I was able to bring that concept back to the team and implement it.

Thanks, Brené!

Industry Peer

Mine was Paul Roetzer and Luke Summerfield. These two had me drinking from a firehose.

Paul’s session on value-based pricing was legit. It was great to hear from a peer that had the same struggles as we have had, and figured it out. It was one of those things that was almost a ‘Duhhh!’

The value-based pricing model made so much sense and was so much more beneficial for clients. The ability to be transparent when it comes to timelines, goals, agreed-upon metrics and such will help greatly on the process and execution of projects.

Hubspot’s own Luke Summerfield also did a bang-up job on his session. View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

@jessikaphillips growth driven design for websites and @SavvyLuke is crushing it. #INBOUND15

Twitter Ads info and privacy

I had missed the first session due to my lack of planning (see the Inbound hacks below). I was lucky to creep in on an encore session and I was super glad that I did.

Twitter Ads info and privacy

The topic was building websites with the growth-driven design theory and process. The idea is that the traditional way (that exists today) of website design and development is broken. Like, really broken.

Instead of the process of build, make assumptions, take too long, launch a website and then leave it up for a year or two (maybe longer) with no improvements is outdated.

Insert new GDD concept.

Do more research and strategy up front, make a hypothesis that ties to business goals and launch the launch pad site.

What does this solve?

You’ll have to wait for later blog posts!

A few Inbound hacks that I figured out

Plan your sessions like you pick a fantasy football team

Start with your A (most wanted) classes and try and make those. Be sure to get in line to make it, those conference workers will shut you down once the session is full. Pick a backup session, but make sure that it is located right in the same vicinity as your starter. The Boston Convention and Events Center is HUGE and I felt like I was trying to make connecting flights running all over that place.

Always have a flex option if both of those fall flat.  There are some off-track options, just have those dialed and again…keep them in the same general area so that don’t have to walk too far.

Use the family bathroom

Those lines get long and in between keynotes, sessions and such that family bathroom never is used. I think people are scared to use it.

Hey, I have a family, so there. I can use it.

Overall, the event, the experience, and the value was off the charts. Needless to say, I will be going back and bringing more of my team with me.