Use URL Tags To Prove Your Digital Marketing Agency’s Value

If you’ve ever worked at a digital marketing agency, you know that ‘proving your value’ is a part of your job. Even though it might take a little extra time, it’s an important part of building trust with your client.

Every client wants to be shown ROI by their marketing agency, and every agency different ways they report on their efforts.

Because the modern digital marketing campaign includes so many different channels (think email, social media, advertising) and A/B tests, you need to organize your links so that an action can be attributed to your effort.

And if you’re working as a subcontractor, or the campaign is a collaborative effort between multiple agencies, you need a way to show it was your Facebook post or ad that caused the desired action.

Luckily, URL tags are the perfect solution to allow an agency to ‘sign their name’ to a specific link.

If you’re brand new to URL tags, check out the support article from Google.

By tagging your URL, you will be able to track user behavior once they reach your client’s site—if they convert anywhere on the site, you can attach their behavior directly back to your marketing efforts!

Here’s a great article that shows you some best practices for using URL tags.

So, now that you know how to build a URL, here’s an idea of how to make sure your agency gets the credit you deserve.

After you fill out the Campaign Name, Source and Medium (all required fields) you have a few additional options. In the “Campaign Content” field, which is optional, you can describe the ad that you created, so why not throw your agency’s name in there?

The end result might look something like this:

It doesn’t look like much here, but once you build some data (by getting clicks) it will be accessible in Google Analytics, organized with your agency’s name! Simply add the Goal set as a dimension and drill down to the Campaign Content to show the report with your efforts.Still not sure how to properly tag your URLs? We’ve got your back 😉