What it’s Like to Intern at Tytanium Ideas


What’s going on? Intern Suzie here, to fill you in on my experience being a part of the awesome Tytanium Ideas team. When I try to explain my internship to others, they always think I am the person who fulfills the boss’s bitter demands for that vanilla latte. But my experiences at Tytanium are far from mastering the skill of running with scorching hot beverages.

Since my start in late September, I have gained a wide understanding of the world of marketing. I’ve tried my hand at the creative aspect of the process, including coming up with different brochure and flyer designs, as well as creating and editing videos for different clients.

So far, being here has given me a view of what a professional work environment might be like since I am still in high school. The team here at Tytanium are especially friendly, hard-working, and funny (the fact that there is a gong here is hilarious.)

Everyone is supportive of one another and it is a very relaxed and mellow atmosphere, not like a straight-laced-and-everyone-works-in-isolated-cubicles kind of environment. We all sit together at a large table, which makes interacting with each other easier, and creates a sense of togetherness. I always look forward to coming in, because I know I will be challenged with a new project to work on!