Sautéing Up Success With Pairings

About The Client

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Pairings creates mouth-watering premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars in Roseville, CA. They offer nearly 50 flavors and are happy to help you pair any of their flavors with your favorite foods, or create new olive oil and balsamic pairings for an exciting dinner! Have you ever tried blood orange olive oil? Or dark chocolate balsamic?

Deb, the owner of Parings, has been working with her IMC Katie Cook for two years, and has been with Tytanium for more than four years! Pairings sees their digital marketing as a long term investment, which has allowed Deb and Katie to work together to build up the shop’s fanbase.


Deb’s investment in digital marketing has been paying off. Her email marketing, in particular, is a huge success. Pairings recently began offering classes to help draw in customers year-round. We worked to build enthusiasm for the classes and collect emails for the interest list on social media and later followed up with those leads with targeted e-blasts. April’s class sold out in one day, thanks to Pairings’ email campaigns.

In March, we promoted two of Pairings’ classes. Emails were sent to the class interest list generated from social media. Those emails saw a 76% open rate, and 40% of those people clicked the link to learn more about the classes. The classes sold out within 48 hours.

Data from Pairing's email marketing.

In April, the numbers got even more impressive. We promoted two classes to be held in May, and this time targeted our email marketing at a broader, much larger audience. These emails saw a 27% open rate, and a 12% click-through rate. That’s 509 unique opens and 96 clicks. These classes sold out within the day.

For comparison, the average open rate for the food services industry is 24.71%. The average click-through rate for this industry is 2.98%. Both emails far exceeded industry averages and helped generate business for Pairings.


Pairings’ goal is to help people understand that she’s an olive oil shop, not just a gift shop. The shop’s gift baskets are popular, but the owner wants to go beyond holiday traffic for her business and encourage people to use her products in their everyday life.

All of our content this year has focused on helping her achieve that goal, and selling out these classes will help her business thrive beyond the holiday season.



“We receive way too many emails a day. I know I do so I start deleting some emails without opening to find out what the email is all about. However, my business depends on communicating with my customers using email. Tytanium Ideas understands how to translate what I want to convey and deliverers my message in a way that pops. My customers look forward to getting my emails. In fact, Tytanium does this for my other platforms that we use to communicate to my customers.

The short version of this paragraph is they are my ‘Voice to the Customer!’” - Deb Manley of Pairings EVOO.