Not Your Average Trip to the Beach – Tanner’s FUEL

It was a glorious morning as four vehicles stuffed to the brim headed down south to the land of saltwater, ATV’s and sand—Pismo Beach.

For my FUEL vacation, an incentive of working at Tytanium Ideas, I chose to travel down south with some of my best friends from middle school, high school and college. This wasn’t any ole camping trip with the guys, this was also a good friend’s bachelor party. The FUEL program is all about getting away from the fast-paced and demanding digital marketing environment, and recharging in whatever way seems right. A camping trip to Pismo Beach with some of the best people in my life was more than enough of a reason to choose this trip as one that fuels me.

Back to the trip.

We left Roseville in the morning and arrived in Pismo Beach around 4:00pm, giving us the luxury of not setting up camp in the dark. After the trucks were unloaded and tents were pitched, we headed to the beach that was only a short walk away to put our feet in the sand and toss the pigskin around. And yes, we jumped in the freezing cold water. It’s tradition.

After our bodies were numb and stomachs were empty, we returned to camp to cook dinner. Rather than describe our every meal, let me just say this—We ate good on this trip! BBQ chicken, tri-tip, spiced veggies and grilled red potatoes are only a few of the many great eats we had on the trip. After dinner, it was time to sit by the campfire, tell stories and drink some quality light beer.

Once the sun rose and the dog in the campsite next door started yelping, (an excruciating, deathly scream) we had our minds set on one thing: Time to ride the dunes.

I grew up riding quads with my dad, brother and friends, so I was more than excited to saddle up and rip around on the Pismo Dunes. If you’ve never ridden on dunes, or on quads at all, it’s an awesome experience. After we payed our dues and watched a training video that could’ve put even the most caffeinated person to sleep, we took to the dunes. Thirteen of us, with people ranging from first time riders to ex-racers, set out on the beautiful dunes to ride for two long hours. Aside from a couple small bruises and blisters, it’s a miracle that not one of us was seriously injured. It was a blast.

We returned to the campsite—not without a trip to the shower AKA the Pacific Ocean—to start dinner. The feast featured a gigantic piece of tri tip, broccoli, potatoes and garlic bread. Eating a meal while camping just tastes better for some odd reason. We spent the last night around the campfire telling some of our best stories, playing drinking games, cracking jokes and passing around whiskey like a crew of pirates. A solid way to wrap up a great trip.

This was a fantastic vacation, and typing this out is making me appreciate the trip more and more. It’s all about making great memories with your favorite people. Thank you to Tytanium Ideas for paying me to have an awesome weekend in Pismo Beach!

Learn more about the FUEL program from Tytanium Ideas here.