About the Position

Tytanium Ideas, a digital marketing agency, is seeking a bright, friendly and highly-skilled communicator to be the next office manager/ administrative assistant to support our dynamic team. The administrative assistant plays a critical role in managing the overall needs of the office and assisting all members of the team.  You ensure that the space looks as good as our work. We’re looking for a hands-on person who can wear multiple hats.

Tytanium is a growth-focused, data-driven digital marketing firm headquartered in Northern California focusing on technical digital marketing for SMB’s.  We are an innovative group of strategists, designers, and creatives, who use the vehicle of digital marketing to improve peoples lives. Our clients range from large public companies to small family businesses on Main Street. We strive every day to help clients grow their businesses, thus improving their lives and the lives of those they serve.

If that is important to you, and you’ve got the skills to help, please continue reading and apply.

This position bridges two important functions for us: maintaining the professional yet fun, polished yet loose vibe to clients and potential new clients as well as keeping our entire team supported to win every single day!

That’s the short version, but to be honest this position requires a wide variety of skills and responsibilities. This is a big job and a rewarding one. The candidate we select will face many challenges, but if they do the job right, they will find the position extremely fulfilling and will have the potential to make a huge impact on the agency’s success as well as yours.

We don’t anticipate your staying in this role, but growing to another position within the company.

That’s kinda our jam.

We will test your juggling skills!

This position is part:

Director of First Impressions (DOFI):  You are the first person with whom business partners, clients, and potential clients interact. Your welcome game needs to be tight.

Most client meetings occur at Tytanium Ideas HQ, which means you need to make clients feel welcome and appreciated when they arrive. Being a detailed-oriented host to clients in order to ensure the best experience ranges from designing the agenda for value-focused conversations to coordinating with our corporate admin to ensure we have their favorite drinks and snacks on hand. This is a perfect example of this position: nurturing relationships with clients while delivering on their business goals.

In this capacity, you will work closely with the Traffic and Client Services team, who manage the operations of client service.  Making sure clients are prepped for and taken care of should be in your wheelhouse.

Administrative Support: In our business, the team is first. You will need to love being in a support role and providing that to the team. This means some odds and ends of keeping the company running smoothly will also fall to you. Sometimes you may need to run errands for the team, pick up the slack or learn new tasks. You will need to enjoy variety and be happy knowing that there is no job too small.


Evangelist: In everything you do, you must always represent Tytanium Ideas in a positive light. You are our spokesperson, which means if we screwed up, you screwed up. Do not speak to clients as if you had everything handled, but other team members are at fault. We are a “one for all and all for one” team. Make us look good, and you will also look good!

In your position, you might collect constructive criticism from clients. It is your job to help us improve. If you do not believe we can improve, and will not work with us to do so, you do not belong on our team.

Getting You Onboarded

That’s a lot of hats, but don’t worry, you will not have to do “all the things, all the time” on your first day. In fact, we have a roadmap for getting you into position for success.

Step One: Get to Know Who We Are and What We Do.

In order to communicate with clients, you have to understand the services we provide for them. We’ll take you on a crash course of our service offerings and have you get Inbound Marketing Certified and Inbound Sales Certified to make sure you have a foundation in our service industry.

Additionally, you will come to understand our mission, our core values, and our culture code. It’s how we do things here.

Estimated timeline: first 2 weeks on the job.

Step Two: Become Obsessed with Our Systems & Processes.

We currently have over 40 separate client contacts for nearly 50 client projects. While you will not be managing the day-to-day on the projects themselves, you will serve as the support person for the team which assists them in delivering quality deliverables to the clients.  You will help sustain, and manage those processes.

Estimated Timeline: weeks 2-6 on the job.


An Example of Your Day-to-Day After the Onboarding Period:

  • Answer all phone calls and direct the call to the correct team member.
  • Manage client and team calendars to be aware of arriving clients
  • Check on long-term document projects and get progress updates from the team so you can manage all related projects.
  • Assists operations
  • Assists sales team
  • Assist strategy team

What we’re looking for:

  • Must have read all of the above and feel excited about this position!
  • Must understand who you are and your skillsets. Be the best you, tell us your goals and we can help take you farther.  If you’re still trying to “find yourself” that’s cool!
  • Must be a communications professional, with previous experience in a strong communications role.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Smile when you talk. You will be communicating that through the phone.
  • Must obtain inbound marketing certification within the first month on the job to know what we do and handle client questions.
  • High level of organization and attention to detail.
  • High competency level on computer and software skills compatible with job responsibilities.
  • Professional conduct within and outside the office while conducting business must be pristine. We use good judgment.
  • Ability to work in a team environment that promotes collaboration, as well as independently. You will be flushed out quickly if you come with some ego, and advancement plan vs. a team growth mentality. This is not a “boiler room.”
  • Must be U.S. Person or Permanent Resident
  • Want to learn digital marketing. We look for those who seek a career in this field.
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