Business Development Rep

About the Position

Tytanium Ideas, a digital marketing agency, is seeking an outgoing, people loving, bright, friendly, and highly-skilled communicator to be a part of the sales force that grows the company. This position bridges two important functions for the agency: growing the client base and building new opportunities in both industry verticals and locations.  Additionally, you will be  assisting the client services team in keeping your clients happy, and sourcing referrals to close as new clients.

An ideal candidate will be innovative in new business development ideas, be outgoing, a great speaker and communicator and be a tenacious go getter. They want success, and to be growth focused and a hustler to get it. They need to  work well with teams to help in new client strategy, sales and operations to design the communication process and materials for maintaining client happiness.

If you don’t like talking on the phone to people, or meeting them face to face, this is not the position for you.

Our superstar will also be an excellent marketer and talented strategist. You need to actually know how to put a marketing strategy together, not just sell off of a script.

That’s the short version, but to be honest this position requires a wide variety of skills and responsibilities. This is a big job, the company and team count on you to help us grow, to realize our dreams, and all that fluffy stuff!

The candidate we select will face many challenges, but if they do the job right and see the big picture, they will find the position extremely fulfilling, extremely fun and will have the potential to make a huge impact on the agency’s success.

You have one job!

This position is part:

Professional Relationship Builder: In our business, developing a relationship is also sales. Not only do clients need to understand what we’re doing for them, they need to trust us and that takes time to develop.  Each new relationship that you make and convert to a client will have different goals, needs and expectations, being able to reinforce the benefit of the client-agency partnership will be a vital part of the position.  We want to maintain our client relationships for many, many, many years.

Public Speaker: Sometimes presenting and being the thought leader is better spoken from the stage. It is a great way to grow your personal brand, your marketing expertise as well as meet new prospects.  Don’t be scared, we have the tools to help you.

Client Whisperer: You must be able to understand digital marketing services and maintain proper client expectations. Sometimes things do not go as planned, so you have to be excited to assist in resolving any issues that come up with your client and the team.  We all have one goal.

In this capacity, you will work closely with Director of Client Seriveces who manages the operations of client service who ensures everything gets done on a daily basis and the Director of Strategy who outlines the broad strokes of client strategy + how it gets done over time to reach client goals.

Educator:  As the first touchpoint for our new client relationships after the sales process is completed, you must be able to educate new clients on the agency’s processes and systems as they relate to client work, and continually re-educate the client at a regular cadence when translating the monthly progress reports to digital marketing retainer clients.

In this capacity you will work closely with the CEO, who directs all communication sales, and the Director of Strategy, who provides tailored data analysis and client strategy for every campaign.

Networker: This position requires you to be social, to be present and meet people .  Business does not get done in an office not matter what high profile people tell you! Be ready to go out after dark, attend events, conventions, and represent Tytanium in the best possible light.

Evangelist: In everything you do, you must always represent Tytanium Ideas as your own. You are our spokesperson, which means if we screwed up, you screwed up. Do not speak to clients as if you have everything handled, but certain team members are at fault.  There is no bus to throw under here. We are a “one for all and all for one” team.  Make us look good, and you will also look good!

In your position you will collect constructive criticism from clients. It is your job to help us improve. If you do not believe we can improve, and will not work with us to do so, you do not belong on our team.



  • Must have read all of the above and feel excited about this position!
  • Must understand who you are and your skillsets. Be the best you, tell us your goals and we can help take you farther.  If you’re still trying to “find yourself” that’s cool, but this might not be the best fit for you. You must want to want this.
  • Must be a communications professional, with previous experience in a strong communications role.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.
  • Must obtain inbound marketing certification and inbound sales certification within first month on the job.
  • High level of organization and attention to detail.
  • High competency level on digital marketing, computer and software skills compatible with job responsibilities.
  • Professional conduct within and outside office while conducting business must be pristine. We have a culture code, you must follow it.
  • Ability to work in a team environment that promotes collaboration, as well as independently. You will be flushed out quickly if you come with some ego, and advancement plan vs. a team growth mentality. This is not a “boiler room.”
  • Must be U.S. Person or Permanent Resident
  • Associate’s degree or higher. If you have prior sales experience in client-related business, communications, public relations, sale & marketing or a related area of study. The more experience (or the more sophisticated the level of experience) the better.
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