Sales Enablement

The Sales Enablement position has 2 goals and functions.

Supporting the sales team and sourcing new future client relationships.

Assisting: You must be able to understand our digital marketing services and maintain proper future client expectations on the scope and timeline of projects being done for prospects by the web, design and digital marketing departments to ensure operational efficiency. This includes personnel, systems, and tech to accomplish the mission.

In this role, you will work closely with all business development reps. Your goal is to help them onboard their new prospects and ensure they have an amazing future client experience!

Support: The business development department is very fast.  Questions, meetings, events and a ton of planning and notes in between will have you very busy. As the main touchpoint for prospects after the sales process is completed, you must be able to educate new prospects on any questions that they might have.

Sales Person: In our business, education is also sales. Not only do prospects need to understand what we do, but they also need to learn the value of why we do what we do, and how we are making their businesses better overtime.

Host/Hostess:  Most future client meetings occur at Tytanium Ideas HQ, which means you need to make our new friends feel welcome and appreciated when they arrive.

Being a detailed-oriented host to prospects in order to ensure the best experience ranges from designing the agenda for value-focused conversations, to coordinating with our corporate admin to ensure we have their favorite drinks and snacks on hand to offer them upon arrival. This is a perfect example of this position: nurturing relationships with prospects while delivering on their business goals.

Event Planner: In everything you do, you must always represent Tytanium Ideas in a positive light. We have many events to participate in, speak at, and attend. You will help with all aspects of our events, from planning them, facilitating them and helping to follow up on them.


Getting You Onboarded

Be simple and crystal clear. That’s how you win.

We have a roadmap for getting you into position for success.

Step 1: Get to Know Who We Are and What We Do

In order to communicate with prospects, you have to understand the services we provide for them. We’ll take you on a crash course of our service offerings, our sales process and have you get Inbound Marketing Certified and Inbound Sales Certified to make sure you have a foundation in our service industry.

Step 2: Get to Know Our Existing Sales Processes

At Tytanium we operate based on the TOS model. That stands for Tytanium Operating System. Much like the iPhone has one operating system to ensure it works, so do we.

Your role is to know, understand, manage and innovate the sales processes and systems. Why is this important? To produce tangible results for the sales team and provide an amazing experience for any Tytanium prospect.

Step 3: Become Obsessed with Our Sales Team and Prospects

While you will not be managing the day-to-day contact to the prospects themselves, (that’s BizDev’s Job) you will serve as the support person between them any project team and the prospects, so you will eventually need to know about everything we’re doing for all of the prospects.

Step 4: Be Creative and Innovate

The systems, processes, and prospect touchpoints you create and manage for our sales team will require continued analysis, innovation, and improvement. You will be responsible for self-evaluation and success reporting in order to maintain an effective future client happiness strategy at the agency.


An Example of Your Day-to-Day responsibilities

Biz Dev Team Support

  • Managing (creating and tracking) all contracts.
  • Scheduling all pre-future client meetings.
  • Meeting reminders and follow-ups.
  • Onboarding – getting creds, contact information, invoicing.
  • Sending thank you’s for meetings & referrals.
  • Management of sales CRM – deals, adding contacts and companies.
  • Reminding salespeople to follow up with their leads.
  • Logging all communications – calls, emails, meetings.
  • Keeping track of total new sales $ monthly and YTD.
  • Help field prospect emails and make future client calls as scheduled in your future client communication calendar.
  • Send lead nurturing emails and make follow-up sales calls with inbound leads to try to set up appointments with the sales team.
  • Post all blogs on corp site.
  • Check on long-term projects and get progress updates from team so you can send updates to prospects (according to the project update communication playbook you created).
  • Follow up with sales to see how the recent round of appointment calls went. See how you can improve your communications up front (if needed) for even better lead appointment calls. Report to VP of Sales if better lead nurturing materials (like ebooks, etc) are needed to improve lead quality.


  • Hold future client meetings. Be amazing.
  • Write follow-ups from the meetings for sales team if any opportunities arose, for account coordinator if a future client had additional service needs or edits, and for strategy if future client needs a new campaign or is facing a new challenge.
  • Get final progress updates from the team for the day.

Events & Coordination

  • Coordinate and manage future client events to support future client relationships and source additional lead opportunities.
  • Send follow-ups to everyone you met at the event.



  • Must have read all of the above and feel excited about this position!
  • Must understand who you are and your skillsets. Be the best you, tell us your goals and we can help take you farther.  If you’re still trying to “find yourself” that’s cool, but not for this role.
  • Must be a communications professional, with previous experience in a strong communications role.
  • Strong emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Must obtain inbound marketing certification and inbound sales certification within the first month on the job.
  • High level of organization and attention to detail.
  • High competency level on computer and software skills compatible with job responsibilities.
  • Professional conduct within and outside the office while conducting business must be pristine.
  • Have a pleasant disposition. After All, you’ll be dealing with people. A lot of them.
  • Ability to work in a team environment that promotes collaboration, as well as independently. You will be flushed out quickly if you come with some ego, and advancement plan vs. a team growth mentality. This is not a “boiler room.”
  • Must be U.S. Person or Permanent Resident
  • Associate’s degree or higher, plus a minimum 5 yrs in future client-related business, communications, public relations, sale & marketing or a related area of study. The more experience (or the more sophisticated the level of experience) the better.
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    Max. file size: 50 MB.