#Humblebrag: Tytanium + Clients = #TrueLove

We know that Valentine’s Day is still a month away, but when you have a love like ours, you want to celebrate it every day!

What is this love we wax poetic about? We’re glad you asked:)We love our clients! One of the most important goals that we set when we begin a partnership with our clients is to really understand the client’s goals and objectives for their business. The process of getting to know that client naturally endears them to us as we come to know each individual client and all the unique nuances that belong to their brand.

Turns out, they love us too! Last week Katherine from Cycle In made a stop by the office for a strategy meeting and brought us a beautiful orchid! It’s moments like this when we like to pause and reflect on the value of the relationships we are building with the people who trust us to represent their brand on the interwebs.

Thank you, Katherine and Cycle In! We heart you and your business and are so grateful for your continued partnership with Tytanium Ideas. #Humblebrag #TytaniumClientsRock

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