Digital Marketing Meets Almost as Much Food as It Can Handle

I really want to write something cute about the Tytanium team getting “Fancy.” But we’re normally pretty fancy, so saying something about us “getting fancy” might just be redundant.

So, I’ll say it like this: why would a social media and digital marketing company go to the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco? Here are 3 reasons why 5 of our team members took a day to drive from Placer County all the way to the big city for its fancy show.

1. We love food

Yes, our team is made up of a bunch of people that really love good food. Our CEO, Tyler, is a competitive rib smoker, and one of our engagement specialists went to Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco.

2. Food is our client

Well, we aren’t actually employed by food, but we do have a number of clients in the specialty food industry. So, technically, expressions of food are our clients. It was great to see our client Taylor Brothers Farms at the show…not only to see them as people, but to eat their food too! We’re proud of all of our clients, and it was fun to be there helping them jump in the online conversations about the show.

We are also really happy for Payam and the Silk Road Soda team. They were given an award as one of the trend setting flavors of the show! A huge honor for them!

3. We want to have more food

If somebody handed me a cheeseburger right now, I would eat it. But I’m not talking about having more to eat (although this post is making me hungry.) I’m talking about wanting to work more with great products, companies, and people in the specialty food industry. Both San Francisco and South Placer County have great food cultures (think Farm to Fork) and we are eager to share our love of food and food culture with companies who want to ‘cook up’ something new and innovative with their digital marketing.

4. A bonus reason for our team ‘getting fancy’ (Dang it! I just betrayed myself in writing that, but it had to happen… low hanging fruit)

We love to hang out as a team! We would never pass up the opportunity to eat, work, laugh, and celebrate our clients together. Next year we’re already looking forward to our team going down there again and blowing up #WFFS15 just like we did #WFFS14! I think someone is already planning some sort of matching outfits… complete with hidden sample-stowing pockets and expandable waistband. Whatever the outfit, I can guarantee it will be fancy. Sorry, low hanging fruit.