Getting Fueled at Tytanium-Ann’s FUEL

What FUELs me?                                      

It wasn’t easy to pick how I was going to use my FUEL and day off that Tytanium was giving me. There are so many things that “fuel” me: family, friends, nature, alone time, helping others, just to name a few. I debated for months which to choose and finally, the stars aligned and I was able to do all the things I love the most during a 4 day weekend.

The first day was spent in Tahoe with my husband and son. We got to take our spunky, sweet, and independent 3 yr old, Andrew, fishing for the first time. It was hard to relax at first and then the moment came—he caught his first fish! It made me so happy to see his eyes light up and get the biggest smile. We also spent hours at the beach playing in the water, building sandcastles, and riding a surrey bicycle.

Next, we walked through Heavenly Village and Andrew fell asleep. This meant Jason and I were able to sit down for lunch and enjoy some uninterrupted time listening to a band and talking, while a waterfall ran peacefully in the background.

We chose to stay at Montbleu because they have a lagoon-style pool with a large waterfall in it. Waking up early in the morning, grabbing a coffee, and sitting in the pool was the best way to start the morning. We played until our hearts were content. The time in Tahoe was wonderful and refreshing as a family, but I knew the remainder of the weekend held more fueling opportunities.

We traveled to Travis Air Force Base to help my brother and his wife move into their first home! Acts of service are one way I show others how much I care about them. I left their home with a smile on my face knowing I spent the day with family and helping them move. Additionally, I was thankful I squeezed in a workout lifting and moving boxes all day! Driving home super late in the night made me excited for the next day.

At last, it was time for me to pamper myself! I love anything tropical and who wouldn’t love a day of pampering! I spent the day at the pool and spa with my sister-In-law. After my massage, I looked up at the palm trees and knew this was the best way to end my #Fuel vacation!

What programs has your company put into place to fuel its employees? Learn more about the Tytanium Ideas FUEL program by clicking here.