Does Your Business Have a Mobile Presence?

As a business person, you do not need to be technologically savvy to know that having a great online presence is extremely important. Does your small business have a well-developed online and mobile presence? Because of the convenience of mobile technology, more often than not people are tapping into their internet needs via mobile devices such as tablet computers, laptops, and most commonly, smartphones.

A recent statistic, released by the research firm In-Stat, reported that around 65% of the United States’ population, or approximately 200 million individuals, will own and utilize a Smart Phone by the year 2015. For small businesses, this means that having a well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing, and easy-to-use online and mobile presence for your consumers is crucial!

Here’s How To Step Up Your Mobile Game

Enlist the services of a competent web developer! Designing a professional-looking website and mobile app is extremely difficult and time-consuming. Although it may be relatively pricey upfront, hiring a proficient web team is definitely worth more than the dollar amount charged.

Be cognizant about what information is on your site. The most important way to engage with your customers via the web and mobile app is through relevant and interesting content. It is also beneficial if your website or mobile app is highly-interactive as well.

Let your consumers know you’re there. You may well have an interactive web or mobile app with entertaining and engaging content, but if your consumers do not know you’re there, it won’t matter.

Utilize other outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to get the word out there. Also, take advantage of current relationships or develop new and meaningful partnerships with some established industry affiliates. Utilize their industry acumen to increase your business’ presence.

Many global retailers have acknowledged that there is a huge demand for businesses to have an online and mobile presence. A September 2011 study done by RSR Research state that some of the main benefits that they have related to developing an online and mobile presence are: deeper customer engagement to drive loyalty (98% find valuable, 73% find very valuable), the opportunity to drive innovation through mobile offerings, and deeper customer engagement to drive sales (88% find valuable, 61% find very valuable).

Having an online and mobile presence is critical, not only for consumer engagement but for your business’ survival. Is your business taking advantage of the ease and convenience of technology?

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