Culture Code #10: We Are A Perpetual Work In Progress

From the second you were put into this world, you were brought in perfectly. Possessing extensive knowledge and experience, you have continuously been set apart from your peers. Perfectly made, you’ve gone throughout your life holding zero flaws. We could dream! If only this could be the case, life would be much easier!

Instead, we are each constantly evolving, learning, growing, and transforming into better versions of ourselves than we were before. Our past experiences and goals form us into what we hope to become. We are a Perpetual Work in Progress

We know the importance of this in everyday life, but how important is this in the workplace? Well, let us tell you that it is imperative to personal and business success! In fact, we find it so important that it has landed a spot in our top 11 Culture Codes.

Tytanium team meeting over lunch.

What Does It Mean To Be A Perpetual Work In Progress?

We know the importance of being a perpetual work in progress, but what does this look like? We define this culture code by highlighting the importance of personal growth. To us, personal growth is a process that needs to happen every day. Daily opportunities for growth can be anything from solving minor internal conflicts, getting out of our comfort zones to learn something new, or solving more significant client issues. In looking at each obstacle as an opportunity for growth, our team can stay hungry to achieve excellence. We’ve found that this culture code is contagious to both our Marketing and Website Development teams. 

Being a work in progress every day is our jam!

Tytans Striving To Be A Perpetual Work In Progress

To create a culture where a team strives for better consistently, it’s essential to set practices that encourage growth. For example, our Tytans meet every Thursday for team training to discuss shifting marketing trends. In discussing these trends, our digital marketing agency can stay ten steps ahead of the constantly changing digital market. These meetings challenge our Tytans to think outside the box to go beyond comfort zones!

The Tytanium Helmet that is passed on weekly to reward hard work.

In addition, weekly, we recognize a team member’s hard work with “the helmet.” The helmet is a physical indication of success passed off weekly to award a Tytan’s efforts of going above and beyond. At the end of our training, the Tytan recognized from the week prior passes the helmet to a different team member to recognize them for their hard work. Creating a culture that rewards diligent staff creates a driven team!

How Do You Encourage Those Around You To Grow In The Workplace?

No matter your role in a company, it is important to encourage colleagues to grow daily. Growth is contagious! Why not create an environment built upon improving personal performance every day? What practices do you have to encourage daily growth in the workplace? Let us know by leaving a comment on our page!