“Christmas Comes Early for the Tytanium Crew…and now for you!”

There’s no tree yet. No lights. No mistletoe. Just 6 cardboard boxes that are causing quite a stir, and make the Tytanium Crew beam with excitement!

Just in time for us to welcome the holidays (and an overabundance of food) want to have some fun.

1 lucky winner is going to get a prize package full of goodies from a couple of our amazing clients Fiddyment Farms and Pairings Olive Oil.

Now, you know we’re all about local, but in this instance, you don’t even have to be a local Lincolnite or Rosevillian to win.

If you aren’t from around here, we’ll just pop it in the mail and send it to you. Shipping is on us 🙂

This prize has around a 60.00 value, and believe us when you taste the quality of the products, you’ll think that’s an underestimate!

So how does one win you ask? Easy…..cruise on over to our Facebook Page and take a guess at the contents of the box that has the entire Tytanium Team giddy!

There will be only 1 winner, the guess that is right on the money will win!