Facebook Contest for Fiddyment Farms Pistachios

About The Client


When digital marketing goes right, we like to celebrate. Sometimes it’s a great campaign or an engaging video, but whatever the catalyst, whenever we get great results and make people sit up and take extra notice of one of our client’s brands, we like to look at that and see how we can do it again, and again, and again. Here’s a case study about a particularly successful campaign we did for Fiddyment Farms pistachios in Lincoln. The campaign was a National Nut Day giveaway, asking people "What's the best kernel of wisdom you've ever been given?"


The objective of this campaign was to increase engagement on their Facebook page while getting national exposure by participating in a trending topic (National Nut Day).

Participants were required to comment with the best piece of advice they had ever heard, and share the picture with their friends/family so they could like the comment. By prompting contributors to share the post, the campaign’s reach doubled, and the Fiddyment Farms logo was seen by thousands. It was a branding play to get their brand noticed and expose them to potential new customers.

Our efforts were successful as the post got shared a total of 32 times and was seen by 5,356 people.



The winner received 53 likes on her comment, and posted a picture on her personal FB page of her prize, tagging Fiddyment Farms, and thanking them for her gift. Sharing her prize with her network gave her friends a positive disposition towards a brand they might not have known existed before. Do you have a business that you'd like to get in front of a wider audience? Give us a shout, and let us help you harness the marketing power of social media for your brand.