Website Onboarding Checklist

If your site is a monument to the internet in the early 2000s, or you’re not meeting your goals, it’s time for a new website! We’re excited to get started on your site! Before we do though, there’s a few things we need from you as we begin the website onboarding process.

Your Website Onboarding Checklist

#1: Domain Name

Your domain name is your website’s URL. They can be purchased from registrars like Go Daddy.

#2: Hosting Information

If you currently have a website, we’ll need the username and password for the hosting of your current site.

#3: Links To Existing Sites Or Pages

Speaking of your current site, having the link to your current website, your social media accounts, and any other online presence will help us understand your brand better and make sure we’re linking out to your social profiles.

#4: Any Existing Graphics You Would Like On The Site

This can include assets like video, images, your logo, etc.

#5: Design References

We’ll need to know a bit about your brand, so our design team can help create a great website for you. This includes:

  • Colors
  • Requirements for images and messaging, such as the voice and tone your company uses.

#6: Access To Analytics

Tracking certain information about the people using your site will help us measure how successful it is, which is why we need access to your analytics, such as Google Analytics.

#7: Sites You Like

What features are you super into? What look are you going for? If there are websites in your industry (or outside of your industry) that you’d love to use as inspiration for yours, send them our way!

#8: Ecommerce Information

Would you like people to be able to shop on your website? We’ll need the following information to get started:

  • Payment Processor
  • Shipping Fulfillment For Each Product
    • Size (Length, Width, Depth)
    • Weight
  • Order Processing
  • Notifications
  • Order Status in WooCommerce
  • Product Import Spreadsheet

Once we have your website onboarding information, we’ll be able to get cracking on your site! If you want to learn more about the information we’ll be using to build your site, check out our Website Basics FAQ page.