How Unplugging Lights a Spark as a Creative at Tytanium – Alison’s FUEL

I’m pretty much your average millennial. When I’m out of the office, I’m drinking Bubbly as I listen to Lizzo while scrolling aimlessly on my phone. From the latest trends in food, to celebrity pets, to new brand campaigns, it’s all stored away in my brain. That’s why when our great bearded overlord Tyler gifted me with a day off, I knew I was going to use it on a day to completely unplug and FUEL up. And unplug I did. 

Enter… The Detox Day

As a Seattle, Washington native, I have a tight relationship with all things cold (if you can’t tell by my icy complexion). That’s why I drove up to Lake Tahoe for my 24th birthday! It was hard leaving my beloved coworkers and even more beloved bearded dragon behind, but getting to ditch the typical day-to-day life responsibilities was greatly appreciated! My boyfriend even held me accountable when I’d reach for my phone, which managed to keep my texting rate down. I replaced my beloved iPhone with a glass of wine for 24 hours and was set to embark on a detox day.

An Unforgettable Trip to Lake Tahoe

We explored the first snow in Tahoe on a gondola trip up the mountain where we had a very non-mature snow fight and explored the breathtaking scenery. The day was followed by me dragging my poor boyfriend around as I shopped til’ I dropped and retired in for pizza and drinks. We enjoyed being in the moment and I was revived with energy and new creative concepts I was excited to pitch for my clients! We gleefully ended the day by stuffing our faces with sushi and losing horribly in a game of Black Jack at our local casino. Overall, it was a truly unforgettable experience and I enjoyed returning to my apartment refreshed and inspired!

My Takeaway 

I couldn’t be more lucky to have a job that I’m not only passionate about, but to have a team that I love just as much! To have a crew that encourages you to not just bring your best work into the office every day, BUT also take a day to focus on yourself is a true blessing. I may have had a few cocktails up in those alps, but it inspired one of my biggest projects to date, a custom bar service menu and drink shoot! I’ll cheers to that.