Social Media Marketing World 2014: Tytanium Takeaways

Two weeks ago I was called into my boss’ office at noon and asked if I could make room in my schedule to attend SMMW14 in San Diego. My heart skipped a beat for 2 reasons: first, he used the words “San Diego,” and secondly, this meant getting to connect with lots and lots of people who are passionate about marketing, speaking, connecting and engaging.

“Yes! When?!”

When he told me the date, I quickly realized I would need to be ready for a hasty departure. The conference was a mere TWO days away! Some quick planning made it possible for me to get on a plane 24 hours later, and I headed into the vast pool of all things Social Media. I couldn’t wait to find out what I didn’t know!

After getting set up with my badge, it was time to board a bus full of excited, social junkies for an evening of connecting aboard the USS Midway. I was home! (Have I mentioned that I’ve recently moved from San Diego and a life deeply steeped in all things Navy?)

After meeting several people through the ice-breaking game of Networking Bingo via gathering Twitter handles, I started a conversation with two ladies who ended up being two of the EXACT people I was seeking. One was the coordinator of the conference, and the other was in charge of Social Media Examiner’s new My Kid’s Adventures site.

I got to chat with both ladies, exchange business cards, tell them about all the excellent things Tytanium Ideas is doing, and share that I happen to know a thing or two about having adventures with children (I have 9).

The conference had officially started off on a high note. What would tomorrow bring?

The answer was a high energy keynote session by Michael Stelzner and Larry Benet that got us prepared to take in a huge amount of information on the various social media platforms. I walked out ready! Over the course of the day, I met many people, had many conversations and exchanged tips of the trade.

The thing that stood out most was how well our Team at Tytanium Ideas is doing in implementing each of the things that were being talked about. When you are so close to an industry, it can be hard to know how you stand up against what everyone else is doing.

Engagement… check. Lead generation… check. Original and quality content that’s specifically written on behalf of each of our clients… check. Newsletters that are informational and engaging… check. Clear calls to action on our client’s websites, social platforms, emails, and blogs… check. Fun and engaging campaigns that help our clients reach their goals… check.

This was the best feeling! Knowing that I was going back to a team that’s implementing the tools available for our clients and knowing that I have so much to offer to others via Tytanium Ideas made every connection that much more valuable.

After meeting and chatting with Michael Stelzner himself, I attended Chris Brogan’s talk, declared myself a #ProudFreak (look it up. You too can be a Proud Freak!) and headed up to the Top of the Hyatt to take in the view and network with those who felt that the best connections happen at the top.

What could be better? Almost nothing, except listening to Ted Rubin talk about fostering true relationships via social media. How relationship building for your company, your brand, and your clients is absolutely possible using Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

This struck close to home for me! My favorite part of my job is fostering those relationships, getting to know someone’s story, hearing the passion they have for what they’re doing, and then being able to help them convey that passion on their social media platforms.

Knowing that my heart is in the right place and that the Tytanium Ideas Team is at the ready to make it happen allowed me to wind up the conference full of good stuff to bring back and share, which let me know it was time to soak in a little of the San Diego sunshine before going back.

Are you ready to kick your social presence into high gear? Are you looking for how to better engage with your audience? I suggest 2 things; First-Purchase your ticket to SMMW15! But since the conference is a year away and that’s a really long time to wait to build your Social presence, the Second thing is… call us! We’re fired up and ready to help you get your brand in front of your audience!

Social Media Marketing World and Tytanium Ideas: a winning combination!