New Year. New You. New Website? Put Your Website to the Test

The New Year is here and we’re all focused on new beginnings, improvements and goals. You’ve probably gotten all of your personal goals laid out, but what about your business goals? 

Planning out your digital strategy and taking a thorough look at your digital presence are key in today’s business world. Your website is your #1 Sales Person, working round the clock to educate and entice your audience. Is it up to the task?  Put your website to the test by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • Is my website optimized for mobile devices?
  • Are there clear Calls to Action (CTA) that lead readers to take action?
  • Do visitors immediately know who we are and what we’re offering?
  • Does my website telling my story, educate and entice the audience, creating leads and generating sales?
  • Are my social platforms integrated and easily shareable to attract additional visitors?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, or if you’re unsure of the answer, we are here to offer your website a free New Year’s evaluation. We can offer suggestions on how to get your site in shape for 2015 and beyond! It could be as simple as a few updates or perhaps a new website is in order. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy New Year!

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