InterLangua Job Shadow 2015

For the second year in-a-row, we partnered with the InterLangua Job Shadow program. This year we opened our doors to welcome 2 students, one a 15-year-old and the other, a 16-year-old. They were both interested in marketing, graphics and the world of social media, which they’d never been a part of before. We began with the basics; what a hashtag means, how to use Facebook, how to get your point across in the 140 characters of a well-written tweet and then moved into some graphics programs. After 2 weeks of learning and creating, we asked them to spend some time writing their experience and to present it to the team on their last day.

In their best English and with their sense of humor coming across, here is what they had to say:

Andy H’s experience:

I know nothing about graphic design before I attend the internship in Tytanium Ideas. The first thought appeared in my mind was I definitely will mess everything up. Consequently, I was very nervous in the first day of my work. However, we didn’t do anything expect learning the social media that. I was surprised by the importance of social media which I didn’t realize before. It is hard to believe that most of the people learn about the stuff which they interested in via internet. Hence it is necessary to seize people’s concentrations on your company’s products. Graphics, of course, is the best way to achieve the goal.

An excellent graphic designer needs originality, creativity and confidence. Unfortunately I don’t possess any one of them. Luckily the staff of Tytanium Ideas introduced a website called “canva” to us, which makes the graphic design easily. All you need to do just to find some suitable pictures you want and mix them together with various of color. Though I not good at computer, I still finish some graphics.

Besides work, one thing impresses most is the harmonious relation among colleagues. The office we work at is small and people know a lot about their colleagues. Greetings is an indispensable part of work. People there are kind and polite. They always tolerate the foolish mistakes made by me.

During the break time, they think it is funny to look at us enjoy American food. Some of the food taste good and the other taste very weird. My colleagues taught me a lot about how to eat American food and they were curious about Chinese food. One day, we visited a Hongkong restaurant. The Food there is very similar to the food which I taste in China. Nevertheless, our American colleagues didn’t get use to the food. They disliked  chicken feet and pluck or any other meat with bone. We played table tennis that day, and I noticed that most of the Americans are good at it —–though they are not so good as Chinese.

I think I learn much experience from the internship. I aware the importance of social media, understand how is facebook like and be able to design graphics by computer. Most importantly, I know how is the company’s office look like and the huge difference of diet. Anyway, I encounter many novelties that I’ve never seen before. These precious experiences will be kept in my mind. At last, I want to express my gratitude to my colleagues who have helped me a lot during these two weeks.I will never forget them.

Andy F’s Experience:

This is the first picture taken in the tytanium. I just open my computer and expect what I will do in the next 10days. Before I come here, I thought that my internship would like this, there would be a picky boss, who blames on the employees all the time. They would be some odd colleague, whose tempers are erratic. I thought I can only stay here doing nothing and doing nothing organize some documents whatever is on the computers or papers. Or maybe just washing dishes ,carrying the stuffs ,throw the trash, and swiping the floor or other trifles. BUT… actually, the situation is totally different.

I was in a really nice office, there are a refrigerator and  several types of coffee to drink. And everyone has their more than enough space and the decoration is very good too. I have some task to do on my computer although they are just the training, but is awesome to me. I designed 28 graphics on canva, some for task and some for fun.I also learn how to use pinterest, pixelmator and I observe a business discussion and meeting and visit  the Pairings

Firstly, I learned how to use the pinterest in there, I find many fantastic image materials for my graphics. The second board  is about the biggest dinosaurs. The third board is about the magnificent cosmos. And I make a board which is containing  the photos that taken by myself and only the cover is pin from another board. This board is about the 17 miles’ heavenly sceneries and it is the first board. The last board is about the comic art that I am interested in.

And there are the one images from all of these four board. These four pictures are I like the most.

I like to call this picture super superhero, for himself is equal to four of the superheroes in avengers. He has the heaviest weapons and the unbreakable shield and the armor of the god. He has the iron hands with ion cannons and the nuclear energy source. And the most important part is the hulk’s strongest body.

This is what the haven should look like. And magnificent cosmos contain endless knowledge and possibilities to be discovered. And the nebula is the place where the deaths and lives existe; the destructions and productions existed at the same time. So that’s why I loves this picture.

I’m just mad about this little creature, his hairy body and fluffy tail, also the gesture when he is eating are so cute. I guess the reason that  this creature survives throughout the time is because other animals found it is so cute and provide some foods, like what we do.

This is the titanosaurus, which was one of the gaintest dinosaurs. It looks so real, exactly match the background. And it looks like a real dinosaur live in the world and someone took this picture, it is awesome. What’s more he was so tall, his neck can reach the height that the pterosaur was flying.

Canva is a very good  and simple graphic design website, we can add so many elements on the original graphic or graphics.  So we can make the image to a  graphic that can use for daily life or business. I like making graphics on the Canva, because it can make many of my  crazy idea on the graphics. It is very awesome, but there are some flaws, it can’t change the graphics that you upload.

So then we should use the pixelmator, personally, I don’t like this software very much, because it is really hard to make a good picture for a green hands. Taking me to an illustration, I found a face of Angelina and wanted to change her to another person by pixelmator. I spent a lot of time to use liquify filter to reshape her face, however, at last ,this photograph change to a draw, which means it lose its realness and I don’t know how to handle it. But it’s still a very great software.

She looks so weird in this picture. the part that haven’t been altered doesn’t match the part below at all. And the jaw that I reshaped by the liquify looks very sharp, as sharp as a knife, and I don’t know how to use the shadow to make it more real. The limb is strange too, because of the liquify, the colors just was mixed together ,as the result, it looks like a limb in two dimensional.

Then I will interpret some of my works: ) on the canva.

This is the first picture that I make on the canva. I choose these two tower from stanford and U.C Berkeley.  And my first idea to deal with those picture, and then I got a idea from the tutorial. Hence, I change this two towers to two litters “L”. Next put them into a sentence. And to emphasize their heights, so I choose the cosmos to the background.

These two dinosaur are Argentinosaurus(the largest dinosaur in the American continent) and Giganotosaurus (The fourth largest carnivore terrestrial dinosaur) In this picture you can see a man is so weak. Actually the man should be tinier than he is in the picture.  So I use this picture to exaggerate the weakness the customer would have among their friends. And the man in this picture don’t have any detail, or can be said he is a nobody. And this may can encourage the customers to train their bodies.

Everyone knows the haha point of the carnivore dinosaurs’ short tiny arms. And the carnivore dinosaurs usually have a huge skull, so their arms maybe would be blocked. So I think a Siats meekerorum might can’t find his arms. ( I think because they can’t see at first , when it still big enough to use, they thought they didn’t have armor forgot these arms. So then they don’t use it and finally lose its function. Of course, it is not serious, it is a joke. But the  dinosaur’s IQ usually just below 1. So maybe it is true.

The most popular and famous dinosaurs the tyrannosaurus. In this picture the tyrannosaurus turn his head and look at another side, so I put a milkshake in the side that it is looking at. The captions is only three words, simple ,brief and direct. And I like tyrannosaurus very much, in the jurassic park 3, the tyrannosaurus finally defeat the  burst rex.

Then I want to talk about my experience besides the stuffs about the computer.I squatted beside the corner of the task and watched what they are working. And rest of us opened their computers and discussed something. But… tell you a little secret that in this picture, we actually didn’t work, but we pretend to work to take this pictures. Are we good actors? (At least, I think so.)

Today is the only day that all the personels dressed up into a full formal suit. Except John, who was taking this picture at that time, all the members of tytanium were here. Every person in here are very enthusiastic and friendly, they always are pleased to help me solve the problem. We have many communication after the work time.

This is the first and only time that we follow Jen in her flexible day. We first went to a cafe and I first time drank the tea with juice. And it is very exciting to do the work in a cafe with brisk music and fresh cold tea.

Today we follow Jen to visit the pairings. I think it is a very fascinating shop. In there we can buy different kinds of the seasoning and with different flavors. My favorite vinegar is blueberry vinegar and my favorite olive oil is a herb olive oil. And also the favorite sault, the pink salt from qomolangma (*Himalayan).

Please don’t mind my weird expression, we eat the fake chinese food in dim sum restaurant. But eat chinese food aboard is still an interesting experience, and it make me happy to eat my hometown food again.

I thought that I can have an excellent performance in this game, notwithstanding, I even can’t serve the ball past the net in every times. Every time that I want to pull the ball, it fall down. And every time that I want to chop the ball, it bounce up too high. I’ve got the blues.

This day is 7 23th, Tyler treated all the people from Tytanium and Andys to red robin. Although the hamburger is too big to bite, the hamburger is still good. I still believe that hamburger is the best american food for me.

Today I and Andy H went with jen to observe a week- business meeting. In this picture, I looks very tired and sleepy, I ‘m sorry for that. Continuing listening an hour English is an arduous trail, it is like listening 10 TOFEL lectures for me. And I must pinch my skin and make me have enough attention on the meeting.

When I first looked at this gong, I though it is a gorilla’s face, the darker part is his hair on face and the lighter part is his exposed skin of the face.

I hope my dinosaur will make you remember me! Next time when you go to see the model or fossil of the dinosaurs, please remember a boy from shenzhen and really like dinosaur.

Today I’ve got a surprise! I ve got two gifts from Kristen! They are my favorite, the superhero!! And I‘ve got a even bigger surprise that I got my favorite of the favorite. I ‘ve got a model of the flash.

I like him ,because of his speed force. The speed is the only thing that can cross the substantials, force fields, space,  time and maybe the universe itself. Increasing the speed means breaking the limitation of the universe laws of the last state. The speed will finally lead us to a new vision of the universe, new state of the universe, new field of the universe


We loved these presentations. The program has been a great way for us to share what we do with eager students.  We call that a win!