Google Partners: Learn to Use the Tools That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Social media: these words can be anxiety-inducing for business owners. Most business owners know that having an online presence is important. But beyond the need to have a website built and a Business Facebook page created, heads are spinning with the sheer amount of information, the number of platforms, and the ways in which it all needs to be strategically used.

One of the BEST ways to get through the forest of confusion is to hire an agency whose sole purpose is to take ALL of this off the business owner’s plate. Digital marketing agencies exist to allow the focus of a business owner to remain on the business, while all their digital needs are being cared for. However, many businesses still choose to take on these tasks themselves and knowing a few key tips for where and how to start will help the process.

First, decide what aspect of your business sets you apart from everyone else. What is it that makes you unique? What do you offer that can’t be had elsewhere? Maybe it’s the way it’s offered or made. Perhaps it’s the story behind how it came to be. People love a story and they want to know what yours is.

Secondly, focus on creating your digital presence and being engaging. Today, small businesses are truly able to compete with larger businesses because of the use of social media platforms. We’re now able to connect with our target audience in a way that was never possible before. Use it! Create a clear message and build relationships with your audience by engaging and having quick response times. This helps build trust in your company’s brand.

Finally, think about what your audience is looking for and how they’re looking. There are several components to strategically getting in front of your audience’s search:

  • Google Adwords
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Directories
  • Your social media platforms
  • Your blog

Each of these pieces is as important as the other. Last week, we hosted a Google Partners presentation in our office to help answer questions that potential clients and local business owners might have about each of these components. You can watch the presentation here. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to jot down questions and ideas that may come up and then give Tytanium Ideas a call. We are here to help you use these tools to grow your business, reach your goals, and win!