We often forget to or simply can’t make the time, to fuel our being, rejuvenate or soul, or tap into the deep wishes of things we’ve said we would love to do.

This weekend, I was able to take the time to do exactly those things that had been put on a shelf, gathering dust, in the deepest parts of my being.

As a young kiddo, I spent some time in Yountville, a quaint little town, just past Napa. One of my cousins and I would get up in the wee hours of the morning, take out our bikes, and ride to the parking lot that was filled with hot air balloons, and watch as they rose into the sky.

I can’t tell if we did this once, or a hundred times. It doesn’t matter. The effect was the same. Deep inside me a desire built, to be one of the passengers on one of those magical balloons. I had all but forgotten that childhood desire.

Then, my company, Tytanium Ideas Inc.  rolled out a program, called “Tytanium Fuel“, entitling each of it’s employees to a day off and funding, to do something that would recharge, rejuvenate and refuel our beings, enabling us to return to the workspace with a renewed passion for our clients, our team and life. On my work anniversary, I became eligible for this program. I initially thought of visiting the ocean. Afterall, we all know that I return from the sea, renewed and rejuvenated. However, I wanted to dig deeper than that. It was a copout go-to. So I thought of the snow and how often I’ve thought of snowshoeing through the snowy woods, to the warmth and homeyness of a cabin and a wood burning fire. Then I remembered that there really was no snow this season. Deeper I dug. Then my childhood desire of soaring above the Napa Valley came to mind. I immediately typed in a google search of “Hot Air Balloons Napa”. A groupon popped up that included a ride and champagne breakfast from Domain Chandon. SOLD!

This weekend, I spent time with family that I haven’t connected with in far-too-many years, who live in the Napa Valley. I was treated to a pampering facial, dinner, catching up and hospitality, before an early-morning drive to meet up with my fellow ballooners. The trip, itself was remarkable! As a person who has always been afraid of heights, I started to question my decision. Let me assure you, a balloon ride is not height related. It is peaceful, full of amazing views and addicting.

If you’ve never done it, put it on your list, search for a deal and GO! You can search through my album for all the wonderful pics.

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