Culture Code #9: We Believe In Balancing Work With Life

Peanut Butter+Jelly, Sushi+Rice, Meat+Cheese; these are all examples of things that need a good balance to taste just right. Just like with standing on one foot, not all of us can do it for very long without using our other for balance. Eventually, the other foot will have to come down! We’re not flamingoes, after all. This is why a proper Work+Life balance is so essential to our Tyanium Team.  It’s important to balance our hard work with a refresh, down time, and even outside time!

Our Team Of Tytans Know The Importance Of Keeping A Healthy Balance For Work And Life.

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Neal is the only one on the team who can pull off the flamingo pose long enough for the shot above (with his kids' help, of course)! He’s also the only one that can do the tree pose on his surfboard. Go figure! Family trips to the beach are an essential component to Neal’s happy demeanor on the daily.

Joelle likes to defy gravity. It’s a great way to clear her head and focus on the big picture or at least her footing for the moment, which cancels everything else out wonderfully! 

Joelle Climbing 8_6_21
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Carolyn prefers Utah's great wide open as a backdrop when her grandkids are visiting. Nothing recharges her creative spirit more than being out with family where the buffalo and the grandchildren can roam freely!

Tayloranne enjoys an afternoon tap dance in the vineyards with a woodsy Cabernet. After all, what better way is there to enjoy the great outdoors and be inspired?


Michael likes to throw out a line in the calm waters of Hope Valley. Even when he doesn’t catch a fish (which is very rare), he always manages to catch a great idea for his next masterpiece!

John and his wife are the Cool Socks softball coaches. You know the ones! Coaching gives John the family time he loves with his girls while also giving his fingers a rest after a long day of coding.


Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Keeping that Work+Life balance is essential to keeping our team in tip-top shape. Mind, body and soul! This is a core value that not only keeps our team happy, but also ensures top quality work for all of our clients. A happy team is a productive team! Click here to learn more about how the team stays fired up! 

We’ll be the the meat to your cheese, the ice in your whiskey, or maybe we could be the reason your business ranks #1 on Google! Whatever the combo, we can help you balance your own work and life.

Contact us today to learn how we can be the balance your company needs.