Crafting A Great Str-AD-egy For Google Ads

About The Client


Full Circle Market is all about eco-friendly, affordable foods and products. This health- and environmentally-conscious brand’s mission is simple: “All-Around Goodness.”  Their IMC, Jessica, is responsible for nailing their goals for the digital ads they run on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Here’s how her strategy is generating meaningful Google ad results that translate to new business.


Full Circle’s Google Ads consistently perform above average. For example, the average click-through-rate (the percentage of people who click on an ad after seeing it) is 1.91% across all industries. Full Circle’s average CTR in July was 13.39%!

Full Circle operates in a very competitive industry, so daily optimizations are a crucial part of maintaining a successful Google Ads strategy and getting great conversions.

Daily optimizations include things like:

  • Adding new keywords
  • Adding new negative keywords, so the client’s ads only show up for relevant searches
  • Revising ads based on data to make them more impactful
  • Adjusting targeting based on data from mobile and desktop to reach people who are more likely to convert
  • Adjusting bids to ensure Full Circle stays competitive

Branded keywords have also been a critical part of Full Circle’s strategy. In a competitive industry, you want to be sure that your ads come up when people search for your business, to decrease the chance that they’re swayed by a competitor’s offer instead.

Branded keywords are keywords that involve a brand name or a variation of one.

Jessica also helps Full Circle improve their conversion rate by running promotions as part of their Google Ads campaign, giving people unique coupon codes to incentivize them to make a purchase that the company can then track.


Full Circle’s main focus for their Google Ads is conversions. Tytanium has generated conversions that meet those goals and keeps their strategy up-to-date, which is crucial in an industry where you’re dealing with a saturated market and a lot of competition.

Tytanium’s strategy helps Full Circle’s google ads stay at the top of their game.

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