Dishing Up Data With Randy Peters Catering

About The Client


Randy Peters Catering has worked with Tytanium for their marketing and website for many years, now. They’ve grown to be Sacramento’s #1 caterer and with their enthusiasm and authenticity have earned the trust of their clientele. They’ve also expanded beyond catering and now offer bar service and a beautiful event center as well!


We work with Randy Peters to develop a full-service digital marketing and web plan to promote their event center, bar service, and yummy catering! This includes:

  • Maintaining their website
  • Writing blog posts
  • Sending newsletters
  • Social media marketing
  • Building an e-commerce platform for their site
  • And much more!

This comprehensive marketing strategy makes us uniquely able to drive traffic and leads to the Randy Peters website. For example, for the Red and Blue Special event in November, Tytanium was able to craft a strategy that made use of RPC’s e-commerce website, and used ad spend, social media, and blog posts to drive purchases. This event invited people to purchase Christmas dinners for local fire and police departments.

Tytanium crafted a landing page for the Red and Blue Special that was optimized for search and we drove traffic from multiple sources. In fact, more than half of all page views came from digital marketing sources we work with RPC on. The most notable platforms were Facebook, the newsletter, and Google organic search.

This proved to be high-quality traffic, and the campaign reached people who were eager to learn more and buy a meal to donate.

The event landing page saw 765 views over the course of the campaign, with an AMAZING 28.74% bounce rate. This means the vast majority of the page’s visitors clicked through to make a purchase!

This landing page drove traffic for Randy Peter’s e-commerce. We set up their online store to make it easier for people to purchase instantly online, rather than having to make a phone call. This has made life easier for both the RPC team and their customers.

Ultimately, the Red and Blue Special saw $1,350 in purchases, which all translated into meals donated to local police and fire departments.


Our complete catering marketing strategy allows us to optimize every aspect of a campaign and make the strategy unified. This helps generate better results for Randy Peters!

In this case, our ability to craft a landing page and make changes to their e-commerce, and then drive traffic with content and a social media campaign, translated directly from clicks to dollars to Randy Peters Catering.

Having your website working in harmony with your digital marketing strategy can be the tipping point that takes the results your seeing from great to outstanding.


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“The TEAM at Tytanium Ideas, Inc., are true partners in the success of Think Outside the Box, Inc., dba Randy Peters Catering and Event Center. As business owners, you always want your vendors to partner up with you in your vision and passion. When they moved over to that level of relationship, that is when Tytanium Ideas became a true partner and no longer a vendor. Tytanium understands our business, our clients, our sales TEAM, our employees and our industry. Two years ago Tyler Campbell, the CEO, founder of Tytanium Ideas traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to our industry's largest Tradeshow without even being asked. Tyler went to the classes, met our industries leaders and walked every booth at the trade show all in the effort to thoroughly understand and learn what we were doing as caterers and operators of our event center. We credit Tytanium Ideas with the success and growth of our social media platforms, to the point of increased sales, better recognition and far better exposure to the Sacramento Valley.”
- Lisa Peters, CEO