Best Of 2017: Advice From Our Digital Marketing Speakers

From speaking about web design at Wordcamp, to giving marketing advice to campground owners for Camp California, our digital marketing speakers have attended some pretty cool events this year.

If you weren’t able to attend an event we spoke at in 2017, never fear! Read on for this year’s speaking highlights.

The Best Advice Our Digital Marketing Speakers Gave in 2017

Storytelling Through Digital Marketing

“Your digital marketing content needs to tell the story of not only what you offer to consumers but who you are. People want to invest their money in not only the services and products they want but also the people and causes behind them.” – Theresa, at an event for Camp California.

People like to connect with people – we’re social animals. When you’re building your website or posting to Facebook, tell people why you’re passionate about your business. Tell them your story. It will help your customers connect to you on a human level, and understand not only the product they’re buying but why they’re buying it.

Styling Posts With Beaver Themer

“Use Beaver Themer to style your Custom Post Types.” – Jon at Wordcamp

Jon was a speaker at WordPress’ Wordcamp 2017 here in Sacramento, where he gave advice to web designers from all over California. He recommends creating custom post types for your blog with Beaver Themer. It’s perfect for those looking to make templates for their blog posts even without coding knowledge.

Putting Your Customers First

“Solve for the customer first.” – Tyler at a Building Industry Association marketing workshop.

This advice that Tyler gave to a marketing workshop at the North State BIA is the cornerstone of how Tytanium handles customer service. Your customers rely on you to win for them; successful businesses put their needs first.

The Tytanium Team works hard to win for our clients, so we’ve learned a lot about what goes into great marketing and web strategy over the years. If you’re looking for marketing speakers to work with your team or appear at an event, we’d love to chat!

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