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Digital Marketing Retainer Plans

These days it is safe to say that the tide has shifted and YOUR customers are using online search, digital media, and online communities like Facebook Groups for research and making purchase decisions. How is your brand doing with your customers online? 

You might be crushing it online but need some help with content creation, or perhaps you're needing to hand over the keys and grow the rest of the business. 

Either way,  we’ve crafted special pricing for locations that are working with Tytanium Ideas and A4 Promotions. 


Perfect for:

The business that wants to augment their current post count, or beef up a few more platforms. They might want to get more consistent with their email marketing and communications to prospects or their existing customers. 

It’s always great to stay in touch with those that love you!


You Get:

  • Social Media content creation and posting.
    • Up to 2 platforms. - 10 posts on each
  • Account Support
  • 1 Email Blast & support
  • 1 Monthly meeting

You Don't Get:

  • Digital Ads management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Reporting


Perfect for:

The business that is not doing much online, but they realize they need to and want to rock and roll! They might have a person (sorta) doing the marketing but need to source an expert.


You Get:

  • Social Media management. Up to 4 platforms.
  • Account Support
  • 1 Monthly strategy meeting
  • 1 Monthly Activity Report 
  • Custom Content
  • 250.00 ad spend (on social only)
  • Database email list segmentation
  • 1 Blog

You Don't Get:

  • Web copy
  • Photography
  • Video 
  • Search PPC ads


Perfect for:

The business that wants it all. They might be creating a new service line, want to grow substantially, or need to find a partner to work with their existing marketing team.


You Get:

  • Social Media management FB/IG/LI/PT
  • Account Support
  • Full digital strategy
  • 1 Monthly strategy meeting
  • 1 Monthly Activity Report 
  • 400.00 ad spend (included)
  • Custom social ad placement
  • Google Ad management (ad spend on Google on client card)
  • Email marketing
  • 1-3 Blogs

You Don't Get:

  • Nothing. This is the Whole Enchilada

Tytanium is here. Our team is strong. We aren’t going anywhere. We are ready...Are you?

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